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Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance provides a number of services to the University which range from building repairs and renovations to existing facilities to support for events. The department consists of craftsmen, plumbers, electricians, a welder, a carpenter, a locksmith and a painter.

For building repairs or heating /cooling problems, contact The Workorder Center at (843) 661-1150 or fill out this Work Order Request form.

For renovations, remodeling, cabinetry, or other remedial work for your workspace, you will need to fill out a Departmental Improvement request.

You can obtain the Departmental Improvement Request by clicking on the link or by contacting Facilities Management office at (843) 661-1104 or by emailing Mike Richey

The Building Maintenance Superintendent is Wyman Owens at: 843-661-1150

    The Electrical Supervisor is Ben Strickland at: 843-661-1651

    The Zone Maintenance Supervisor is James McLeod at: 843-661-1159

    The Special Trades Supervisor is Bengie Atkinson at: 843-661-1648

    The Housing Maintenance Supervisor is David Robinson at: 843-661-1367


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Last Published: July 21, 2016 5:10 PM
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