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Community Policing

Community Policing Programs

Community Policing Programs



The Campus Police Department is committed to providing quality crime prevention programming for students in the Residence Halls, for fraternal organizations, and for other student organizations. Our Adopt-a-Hall program assigns an officer to each residence hall to work with students and Resident Assistants to provide educational programs.

Programming topics are chosen from the following four areas:


  • Crime Prevention - These programs include a range of topics such as personal safety, internet safety, operation ID, fire safety, credit card safety, and other crime prevention topics.


  • Substance Abuse - This area covers the effects of alcohol and drugs, the laws regarding the use of alcohol and controlled substances (marijuana, crack cocaine, various other drugs like valium, xanax, etc.) and, unusual methods of substance abuse such as using inhalants. Upon request, Officers will also conduct programs using Alcohol 101 (an interactive and dynamic computer program about alcohol, it's effects, and the consequences of irresponsible drinking).


  • Sexual Assault - These programs are offered in conjunction with other departments and concentrate on sexual assault awareness, date rape drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB, and services offered by the Campus Police Department.


  • Other - The Campus Police Department will provide other programs designed to meet student interests that may not fall into the above areas. Examples include violence over the internet, careers in law enforcement, the criminal justice system, child safety, etc. If you have a particular program in mind for your group, please contact the Campus Police Department.


At present, the Campus Police Department conducts programs for student organizations on a "by request" basis. If you are interested in having officers provide a program for your organization, please contact our office at (843) 661 - 1109.


Bike Patrol

The Campus Police Department implemented a volunteer bicycle patrol unit in 2001. The unit was developed to enhance the interactive relationship with students and other community members and to provide better coverage and response on the campus. The bicycle enables officers to patrol areas not accessible by patrol vehicles and provides better coverage at special events. The bicycle unit consists of officers who have received training in bicycle patrol tactics and safety.

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