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Recent Crime Log

Recent Crime Log
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Recent Crime Log

Anyone with information about the following crimes committed on campus please call 661-1109. You don't need to tell us who you are; just tell us what you know. 

You can provide your information anonymously through our “Silent Witness” page at:


In the past, “Silent Witness” reports have provided leads on cases under investigation. Thanks to those community members concerned with keeping FMU safe and secure.   Please be our eyes and ears out there…help us to help you.



For the period 10-20-2014 through 11-11-2014 the following incidents were reported to and/or investigated by Campus Police:


10-26-2014 – Trespassing – While on routine patrol, Campus Police noticed a vehicle parked near housing which belonged to a non-student who was on the campus trespass list.  This Officer was familiar with the non-student because she was the officer who arrested him for a drug charge a few days previously. The non-student failed to notice the two Campus Police Officers standing near his car and started to drive away.  Campus Police stopped the car and arrested the driver for trespassing.


10-27-2014 – Assault – A student reported that another student grabbed her wrist and threw her items out of a Kidwell Apartment.  Campus Police were able to retrieve the items and return them to the owner.  Two students referred to Student Affairs and the Florence County Magistrate to pursue further charges.


10-28-2014 – Possession of a firearm – While investigating the above case, Campus Police obtained an Instagram picture of one of the students with accompanying text saying the student had a gun in her car.  The student involved led Campus Police to her car and the officers were able to safely retrieve a firearm from her glove box.  The student was arrested for possessing a firearm on campus and issued an interim suspension by Student Affairs.


10-31-2014 – Drugs – A vehicle on campus after hours was stopped for not having an FMU decal.  The non-student driver of the vehicle said he was just here to drop off a friend.  The driver’s license was suspended and he also had marijuana in his possession.  The non-student driver was arrested and charged with driving under suspension and possession of marijuana.


10-31-2014 – Off-campus Assault – A resident student reported to Campus Police an off-campus assault by another student.  A report was completed by Campus Police but the resident student was advised that she’d need to report the incident to the Florence Police Department as well as the assault happened at a club in the city limits of Florence.  Campus Police assisted the student in contacting the Florence Police Department and reporting the assault with them.


10-31-2014 – Campus Police received an anonymous phone call in regards to someone walking around Parking Lot G looking into cars.  While Campus Police were driving around Lot G an officer noticed a student sitting in a car with the interior light on.  The student told the officer that the car wasn’t his and he was just using the car charger.  One student referred to Student Affairs for policy violations.


11-1-2014 – Assault and Damage to Property – Campus Police responded to a Kidwell Apartment for a reported disturbance.  As Campus Police arrived they noticed a non-student female leaning into the apartment through a broken window.  The student and non-student had recently broken up and were having a fight when the window was damaged.  The non-student was escorted off campus.  A report was completed and forwarded to Student Affairs and Housing.


11-4-2014 – Drugs – Campus Police were approached and asked if they’d unlock a Swamp Fox Hall student’s room.  After verifying the student’s information, the officer unlocked the student’s room.  As soon as the door was opened the officers could smell marijuana.  Marijuana and scales were received from the room.  The student was arrested and also referred to Student Affairs and Housing for policy violations.


11-5-2014 – Harassment – Campus Police received a phone call regarding two males who were harassing females near the front of Rogers Library.  Campus Police Officers were able to located two non-students who said they were just waiting on friends to pick them up.  The two non-students were escorted off campus.


11-5-2014 – Drugs/Weapons – Campus Police responded to a King Hall apartment for reported marijuana use. A resident student reported one of the roommates of the apartment had two non-students over who smoked marijuana.  Later that evening officers located a vehicle involved in this incident.  The non-student driver had an open container of alcohol in the car as well as a handgun.  The non-student was arrested and issued a trespass notice for campus.


11-5-2014 – Theft – A student reported to Campus Police her iPad Mini was missing from her car.  The student had tracking software on the iPad and tracked it to Magnolia Mall.  A Campus Police Investigator was able to obtain video of two people trying to sell the iPad at Game Stop.  The student was able to retrieve her iPad.  This incident remains under investigation.


11-8-2014 – Fraudulent Decal – While Campus Police Officers were talking to several students near a Kidwell Apartment, a non-student reported the FMU Decal on his vehicle was given to him by someone he only knew by his first name.  The decal was removed and the non-student issued a traffic ticket for having a fraudulent decal.


11-8-2014 – DUI/Drugs – A non-student was stopped on campus for a traffic violation.  The non-student was arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana.


FOUND PROPERTY:  FMUPD currently has numerous items that were left unattended or found on campus.  If you are missing an item of property and can provide identifying information for your missing property, contact Lt. Ken Pittman at 843-661-1117. 


Updated 11/11/14

Last Published: November 11, 2014 5:01 PM
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