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Recent Crime Log

Recent Crime Log
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Recent Crime Log

Anyone with information about the following crimes committed on campus please call 661-1109. You don't need to tell us who you are; just tell us what you know. 

You can provide your information anonymously through our “Silent Witness” page at:


In the past, “Silent Witness” reports have provided leads on cases under investigation. Thanks to those community members concerned with keeping FMU safe and secure.   Please be our eyes and ears out there…help us to help you.



For the period 5-6-2014 through 6-12-2014 the following incidents were reported to and/or investigated by Campus Police:


5-6-2014 – Assistance to the Sheriff’s Office – Late in the evening, Campus Police Officers were called to assist the FCSO in locating a woman who ran out of the woods adjacent to Price Road, struck the side of a car and then took off running.  The driver of the car believed the woman may have been under the influence.  The woman was located later that evening by several Sheriff’s Deputies.  The woman was not harmed by the collision with the vehicle.


5-9-2014 – Driving under Suspension (DUS) – A non-student was stopped for speeding by Campus Police.  The non-student’s license was suspended.  He was arrested and taken to the Florence County Detention Center.


5-13-2014 – Vehicle Accident – A county employee was backing her county-owned vehicle and hit a parked car in Parking Lot “B”.  A report was completed for insurance purposes.


5-15-2014 – Theft – Two visitors to campus reported a set of jumper cables and a pair of sunglasses stolen from their parked cars while they were on campus.  Neither victim wanted an official report or any type of investigative follow-up.  Campus Police completed a report for information purposes and the report was reviewed by Campus Police Investigators for crime-tracking purposes.


5-19-2014 – Fire Alarm – Campus Police responded to an early morning fire alarm in Swamp Fox Hall.  There was no fire or smoke and it was determined there was a faulty electricity ground to the fire panel.  Maintenance was notified and fixed the fire alarm panel.


5-21-2014 – Suspicious Phone Calls – A faculty member received several phone calls here at the university which concerned her.  A Campus Police Investigator was assigned to look into this case.  It was determined these calls were coming from a very persistent telemarketer and were not malicious in nature.


5-24-2014 – Fire Alarm – Campus Police responded to a Johnston Apartment for a fire alarm activation.  There was no smoke or fire.  A custodial worker working in that apartment had inadvertently sprayed cleaner on a smoke detector which set it off.


6-7-2014 – Fire Alarm – Campus Police received a “trouble” alarm from the Residence Hall fire alarm panel.  Maintenance personnel responded and it was determined the alarm came from a low battery charge.  The problem was corrected and the alarm cleared.


6-6-2014 – Fire Response – Shortly before noon, there was a local power fluctuation which caused several of the university’s HVAC machines to become overheated.  One of the HVAC units in the Fine Arts Center began to smoke and eventually set off the smoke alarm.  Several Campus Police officers responded as they were already on campus due to regularly scheduled in-service training.  The Windy Hill Fire Department also responded and checked the Fine Arts Center and several other buildings for issues.  No other issues were found.  University maintenance personnel corrected all of the alarm problems and other issues.


6-10-2014 – Driving under Suspension (DUS) – Campus Police stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation on Francis Marion Road.  The non-student driver of the vehicle had a suspended driver’s license.  He was issued a state ticket for DUS and allowed to depart.  The vehicle was released to the registered owner.




FOUND PROPERTY:  FMUPD currently has numerous items that were left unattended or found on campus.  If you are missing an item of property and can provide identifying information for your missing property, contact Lt. Ken Pittman at 843-661-1117. 


Updated 06/12/14

Last Published: June 12, 2014 4:18 PM
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