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Recent Crime Log

Recent Crime Log
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Recent Crime Log

Anyone with information about the following crimes committed on campus please call 661-1109. You don't need to tell us who you are; just tell us what you know. 

You can provide your information anonymously through our “Silent Witness” page at:


In the past, “Silent Witness” reports have provided leads on cases under investigation. Thanks to those community members concerned with keeping FMU safe and secure.   Please be our eyes and ears out there…help us to help you.



For the period 2-26-2015 through 3-16-2015 the following incidents were reported to and/or investigated by Campus Police:


2-27-2015 – Guest Visitation – Campus Police received a complaint regarding a male non-student staying overnight in a female student’s Thigpen Hall apartment.  The non-student male was directed to depart campus.  4 resident students referred to Student Affairs and Housing for policy violations.


3-1-2015 – Drugs & Alcohol – Campus Police responded to a report of marijuana smoke in an Anderson Apartment. There were two residential students in the apartment.  One officer found marijuana, a grinder, and several liquor bottles.  One student was arrested and the other was referred to Student Affairs and Housing for policy violations.


3-2-2015 – Larceny – Campus Police responded to a Professor’s office in Founders Hall.  The Professor reported money missing from a cash box used to store money for two student organizations.  The scene was processed for trace evidence and the case was assigned to a Campus Police Investigator for follow up.


3-3-2015 – Trespass – While on routine patrol, Campus Police officers noticed a vehicle which they knew through previous contacts didn’t belong to a student.  This non-student had been previously warned about his repeated parking violations and disregard for the University’s guest visitation policy.  The non-student was issued a trespass notice and the student he was here to see was referred to Student Affairs.


3-4-2015 – Dating Violence – A residential student reported she had been struck several times by her non-student boyfriend.  This case was forwarded to a Campus Police investigator for follow-up.  The non-student was issued a trespass notice.  Campus Police and the Solicitor’s Office are following through with the investigation and potential prosecution of this case.


3-4-2015 – Vandalism – A residential student reported her car vandalized while it was parked on Wallace Woods Road.  This case was forwarded to a Campus Police investigator for follow-up.


3-6-2015 – Harassment – A residential student reported to Campus Police that she had a recent falling out with a commuter student and now the commuter student would not stop texting her.  Both students were advised to have no contact with each other and both were referred to Student Affairs for follow-up.


3-8-2015 – Excessive Noise & Trespassing – Campus Police responded to a Beaty Hall apartment regarding an excessive noise complaint.  While talking with the students in the apartment about keeping the noise down, an officer noticed a non-student sleeping whom he recognized as a former student who was currently on the University’s trespass list for an assault and numerous trespassing arrests.  This former student was arrested.  The students in the apartment were referred to Student Affairs and Housing for follow-up.


3-8-2015 – Drugs – Campus Police responded to a vehicle parked near the Grille to help the owner unlock the car so she could get her keys.  Once the officer unlocked the car’s door, he immediately noticed an odor of marijuana.  The officer located a small amount of marijuana in a plastic baggie.  The contract staff member was charged with marijuana possession and referred to the organization’s management for follow-up.


3-10-2015 – License Plate & Insurance – Campus Police noticed a car parked illegally in front of the Community Center.  A records check revealed the car had the wrong license plate on it.  The commuter student who was driving the car said he was only here to do laundry.  He wasn’t able to provide insurance information for the car, saying a family member was going to take care of the insurance and registration for the car at a later date.  The individual was issued a ticket and the car was towed off campus.  Investigation later revealed this individual was no longer a student.


3-13-2015 – Guest Visitation – In the early morning hours, Campus Police stopped a car which did not have an FMU decal.  Neither occupant was a student.  The male occupant said he was staying with a residential student and had that student’s ID card in his possession.  The ID card was confiscated and the non-students directed off campus for the night.  The student who’s ID card the non-student had was referred to Student Affairs for policy violations.


3-13-2015 – Policy Violations – While Campus Police were conducting an inspection of fire extinguishers in a Dalton Apartment, the officers noticed charcoal pieces on a stove top were on fire.  The charcoal was placed in water.  The resident student informed officers that he was bored waiting to go home before spring break.  The student was referred to Student Affairs and Housing for policy violations.





FOUND PROPERTY:  FMUPD currently has numerous items that were left unattended or found on campus.  If you are missing an item of property and can provide identifying information for your missing property, contact Campus Police at 843-661-1109


Updated 03/16/15

Last Published: March 16, 2015 4:12 PM
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