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Recent Crime Log

Recent Crime Log
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Recent Crime Log

Anyone with information about the following crimes committed on campus please call 661-1109. You don't need to tell us who you are; just tell us what you know. 

You can provide your information anonymously through our “Silent Witness” page at:


In the past, “Silent Witness” reports have provided leads on cases under investigation. Thanks to those community members concerned with keeping FMU safe and secure.   Please be our eyes and ears out there…help us to help you.



For the period 3-16-2015 through 4-13-2015 the following incidents were reported to and/or investigated by Campus Police:


3-22-2015 – Housing Policy Violation – A Thigpen Hall student reported to Campus Police that a roommate’s boyfriend was staying in the apartment when the roommate wasn’t there.  One resident student referred to Student Affairs and Housing for policy violations.


3-24-2015 – Verbal Dispute – Campus Police responded to a Cusac Hall apartment in regards to a verbal dispute between roommates.  One of the roommates had a family member staying in the apartment and the other roommates didn’t approve.  All students were referred to Student Affairs and Housing for follow up.


3-28-2015 – Vandalism – Campus Police responded to campus speed limit sign which had been apparently been damaged by a vehicle.  The case was referred to a Campus Police investigator for follow up and Grounds/Maintenance to repair the sign.


3-28-2015 – Drugs – Campus Police noticed a vehicle driving without its headlights late at night.  The resident student driving the car told Campus Police that the smell of marijuana coming from the car was because his friends smoke in the car.  The student was arrested for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.


3-30-2015 – Fraudulent Parking Decal – While on routine patrol, a Campus Police Officer noticed a vehicle with a fraudulent parking decal.  The student admitted to getting the decal from a friend.  The student was charged with possessing a fraudulent decal and referred to Student Affairs for follow up.


3-31-2015 – Policy Violation – A Faculty member called Campus Police to report several students smoking near the Fine Arts Center.  The Faculty member advised the students on the tobacco free campus policy but the students continued to smoke.  A Campus Police Officer advised the students to stop and they complied.  The students were referred to Student Affairs for University policy violations.


3-31-2015 – Lost & Found – A wallet was turned in to Campus Police as lost & found.  A Campus Police officer was able to determine the wallet belonged to a student, but the wallet also had several other State issued ID cards in it.  The wallet was returned to the student, but the ID cards which didn’t belong to the student were destroyed.  The student was referred to Student Affairs for follow up.


4-2-2015 – Off-Campus Incident – Campus Police, Florence County Sheriff’s Deputies and State Troopers responded to a report of a naked man in the roadway in front of the FMU Foundation Building.  The naked, non-student male told responding officers that he had nothing to hide from god.  The man was arrested by FCSO on drug charges.


4-13-2015 – Vandalism – In the early morning hours, several students vandalized several areas on campus by spray painting in red “1:12”.  The University took this very seriously and focused all of its efforts on investigating the crime.  Several Campus Police officers with the help of the State Law Enforcement Division were able to determine the case was a college fraternity prank.  University custodial personnel as well as outside contractors were called in to remove the spray paint.  Four students were arrested and charged with Disturbing Schools and Vandalism.





FOUND PROPERTY:  FMUPD currently has numerous items that were left unattended or found on campus.  If you are missing an item of property and can provide identifying information for your missing property, contact Campus Police at 843-661-1109


Updated 04/15/15

Last Published: May 7, 2015 10:03 AM
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