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The FMU Police Department

The Francis Marion University Police Department is located in the Campus Police/Facilities Management building at 4804 Patriot Drive.  We are the one-story building across the street from the Grille and in between the Library parking lot and the Leatherman Science Facility.  You can reach us by calling (843) 661-1109 or 1109 from a campus extension or by stopping by our building.

FMU provides around the clock police service to the campus and surrounding community through the FMU Police Department, a fully independent, state law enforcement agency.  All of our officers are University employees and are certified as Class 1 state law enforcement officers.  Officers of the FMU PD have complete police authority to apprehend and arrest anyone involved in illegal acts on and off campus.  If minor offenses involving university rules and regulations are committed by a university student, the officers of the FMU PD may also refer the individual to Student Affairs for disciplinary action. The office of Student Affairs ensures that safety/security policies are uniformly executed and conveyed in a clear and consistent manner to the student body. Reports involving major offenses are shared with the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and Florence County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) and joint investigations often occur. The prosecution of criminal offenses, felony or misdemeanor, are conducted at Magistrate, General Sessions or Federal Court in Florence County. 

Current staffing consists of a Chief of Police, a Lieutenant, two patrol Sergeants, an Investigator Sergeant, seven Police Officers, three full-time and one part-time dispatcher.  Our department is an independent state law enforcement agency which works very closely with surrounding law enforcement agencies.  

The department includes an administrative section, an investigations section, and a patrol operations section.  All sworn officers are state certified by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and are required to attend Emergency Medical Responder training.  Each officer is required to meet the state's training requirements for recertification every three years.  The FMU Police Department has a very robust in-service training regime which includes quarterly in-service training days.  The internal training curricula addresses contemporary issues facing law enforcement, policies and procedures, refresher medical training, first aid, CPR, response to resistance training and Taser and firearms use.  Several officers are also state certified as instructors in such areas as CPR, firearms, driving, and Tasers.

The Department enforces federal, state and local laws as well as Francis Marion University regulations.  Persons arrested on campus are transported to the Florence County Detention Center in Effingham, South Carolina.  All on-campus cases are investigated and prosecuted by the FMU PD in the appropriate court. Violations of the SC Motor Vehicle Code are normally prosecuted in the Florence County Magistrate's Court.

FMU police officers wear uniforms and badges, and are equipped with all industry-standard police gear and protective vests.  University officers are armed.  Part of the department's quarterly in-service training includes firearms training.  University officers patrol in marked police vehicles equipped with lights and sirens, on specialized police bikes and patrol on foot.

The department communicates internally and externally via a radio system which also allows communication to surrounding law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies.  Each vehicle is equipped with a radio and each officer is assigned a portable radio.  Each vehicle is also equipped with a laptop computer which is linked backed to the department's records management system which allows the patrol officers to access real-time data required for their patrol duties

By mutual agreement with state and federal agencies, FMU PD maintains an NCIC computer terminal. Through this system police personnel can access the National Crime Information Center computer system as well as South Carolina Crime Information databases. These databases are used for accessing criminal history data, nationwide police records, driver/vehicle identification information along with other local, state and federal law enforcement information. FMU PD officers have direct radio communication with local law enforcement agencies over the FCSO communications network. The university is also part of the Florence County E-911 system.

The Department maintains a close working relationship with all law enforcement agencies and related units of the judicial system. The Department prepares and submits incident reports to a nationwide Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system, to which all law enforcement departments in the state have access. Regular meetings are held with other agencies where crime related reports and statistics are exchanged.

To report a crime or emergency notify the FMU PD at (843) 661-1109 from off campus, extension 1109 on campus or anonymously via e-mail through our "Silent Witness" Program. You may also dial 911.  All campus telephone extensions are listed with the County Dispatch Center as part of the enhanced E-911 system.  The FMU PD maintains direct radio contact with the Florence Sheriff's Department Central Dispatch Center, ensuring access to Windy Hill Fire Department and Florence County Emergency Medical Services. Since the University is located within Florence County, the Sheriff's department also has full law enforcement powers on campus. 

Officers patrol campus in police vehicles, on bicycles and on foot.   Housing Resident Assistants routinely walk-through the apartments and resident halls during evenings, weekends, and holidays.  The RA’s and all community members are encouraged to report any suspicious persons and/or criminal activity.  Most campus gates are closed at 11:00 PM each night.

The FMU PD also provides support services tailored to meet the needs of the University community in the following ways:

  • Provide temporary on campus vehicle parking registration.
  • Provide personal property and bicycle registration.
  • Assist on campus motorists with minor vehicle problems
  • Test and maintain all portable fire prevention equipment and alarms.
  • Provide crime prevention lectures and seminars.
  • Maintain the University's Lost and Found Department.
  • Monitors the University's 300+ security cameras.



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