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Disbursement Authorization Form


 A Disbursement Authorization Form (DAF) may not be used for reimbursements for travel, the purchase of goods or services, or the payment of people.  A DAF should be used only when a disbursement is required and no other procedure is appropriate.  Correct usage includes a request for a refund to a donor or participant, a request for reimbursement for business calls made from a personal telephone or payment from an agency fund (9 fund).  Disbursement Authorization Forms may be obtained from the Accounting Office. 

Requestor                1.  Completes top portion of form; signs, dates, attaches receipts, and forwards to Department Head for approval 
Department Head 2.  Approves form and forwards to appropriate Vice President or approved representative for approval  
Vice President
  or Approved Representative 
3.  Approves form and forwards to Accounting for payment 
Accounting  4.  Verifies form for accuracy and proper approval; processes payment 


Last Published: February 23, 2012 10:47 AM
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