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Financial Services - Grants & Contracts

Contact Information

Phone:                        661-1132 (extension 1132 on-campus)

E-mail:                         Director of Financial Planning     

Office Location:            Stokes Administration Building, Room 107  


Grants & Contracts Guidelines

At Francis Marion University, the following are guidelines to applying for and administering grants and contracts from the planning and proposal stages to receipt of the grant award and completion of the project:


The Principal Investigator:

  • Initiates a Grant Concept Approval form to request approval to apply for a grant.  A Grant Concept Approval form secures permission to begin the application process and approves any necessary release time and/or matching resources (cash or in-kind).  A completed Grant Concept Approval form which reflects this planning process should be signed by the Department Chair, Provost or Dean, and the President. The form can be downloaded at Grant Concept Approval Form or by contacting the Director of Grants Development Program in the Associate Provost Office (Stokes Administration Building, room 116). The Dean or Department Head will plan the coordination of departmental resources and release time should the grant be awarded to the University. 

  • Provides a draft of the grant proposal to the Director of the Grants Development Program in the Associate Provost Office (Stokes Administration Building, room 116).  That Office will send a copy to the Financial Services Office for review.  The two offices will coordinate assistance as necessary to ensure that the grant proposal adheres to State, Federal, and grantor regulations.

  • Completes the process by making the appropriate number of copies and mailing them to the grantor as well as forwarding copies to the Provost, the Grants Development Office and the Financial Services Office.


The Financial Services Office:

  • Reviews the budget section of the grant proposal.

  • Submits the budget to the Human Resources Office (if appropriate) to verify the budget for personnel costs.

  • Requests completion by the Principal Investigator of the Certification for Exemption Form if specialized equipment is required by the grant and coordinates with the FMU Purchasing Office.  Prior to acceptance of certification, the project must be reviewed by the Dean or Department Head, Vice President or Provost (as appropriate), and the Financial Services Office.

  • Completes appropriate GCR forms if grant amount is greater than $200,000 and submits them to the Office of State Budget 65 days prior to the submission of the grant application to the grantor as required by state regulations.

  • Requests grant status from Principal Investigator at 30 day intervals until award disposition is known.


The Principal Investigator:

  • Provides Financial Services a copy of the award letter.  If signature of acceptance are required, traditionally the VP of Business Affiars should sign; however, the Provost or President may sign on behalf of the University. 

  • Coordinates the use of departmental resources and release time arrangements with appropriate Dean or Department Head.

  • Submits any grantor approved budget changes to the appropriate Vice President, Provost, or Director who will then provide written notification to the Financial Services Office of such changes.

  • Requests approval of changes in program personnel from the Provost (or other Vice President, or President, as appropriate) and seeks written approval of the changes from the grantor.  Forwards correspondence from grantor to the Provost (or other Vice President, or President, as appropriate) and to the Office of Financial Services.

  • Prepares reports as required by grant guidelines.

  • Completes progress reports, final reports, and requests for renewal funding at least 15 days prior to due date.

  • Submits quarterly personnel Activity Reports for federally sponsored programs that include payroll costs 45 days after the end of the quarter.

  • Incorporates financial reports as completed by the Financial Services Office.

  • Makes the designated number of copies and forwards to the Financial Services Office.

The Financial Services Office:

  • Submits the GS-7 form to the Office of State Budget within 14 days of receiving project award notice, if project is less than $200,000.

  • Sends Funding Verification form to grantor, as appropriate.

  • Sets up budget and circulates budget codes.

  • Notifies the Principal Investigator of the specific requirements of the Activity Reports for federal programs with personnel services expenditures.

  • Sends Notification of Grant Award forms to Human Resources, Accounting, Purchasing, and Public and Community Affairs.

  • Verifies all purchase orders, requisitions, travel requests, release time, and personnel services expenditures to ensure adherence to budget.

  • Verifies report schedules with Principal Investigator; sends reminders 30 days prior to due date.

  • Completes all financial reports and ensures submission of accurate Activity Reports in a timely manner.

  • Monitors budget until all funds are received and the project is complete.

  • Verifies all reports and is responsible for forwarding reports to the grantor at least 10 days prior to the due date.








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