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FMU Traffic Regulation

FMU Traffic Regulation
FMU "Rules of our Roads"

The "Rules for our Roads"


Below you will find several frequently asked questions from our campus Traffic Regulation.  At the end of this document you will find a "PDF" file of our current Traffic Regulation.  Once you open the Regulation if you click on the "Bookmark" tab you will see a list of topics within the regulation that can speed up your search. 


You can also find items from the Traffic Regulation incorporated into the Student Handbook.  If you would like a copy of the regulation please come by Campus Police at 4804 Patriot Drive or stop by the Cashier's Office in Stokes Administration Building. 


If you are ever in doubt please call Campus Police for an answer to your question.





Where do I need to display my campus decal on my car?  FMU parking decals must be permanently attached using the supplied adhesive to the left rear bumper or the exterior left rear window glass of the registered vehicle. Parking permits will not be honored unless displayed correctly. Parking decals are not transferable from one vehicle to another or from one person to another. Decals can’t be taped inside windows or left on the dash.   


What’s the difference between a Resident decal and Non-resident decals?  A Resident decal has a four-digit number, the letter "R" and the current year, (i.e. 1234-R8). A non-resident or commuter decal only has the four-digit number and the current year. If you change status, i.e. move on or off campus, you must exchange decals. To get a no cost replacement turn in the old decal to the Cashier’s Office.   
Where can I get a Temporary Parking Permit and what do I need to do?  You can get a Temporary Permit, good for up to 10 days, from Campus Police or the Cashier’s Office. You must have a vehicle FMU registered for the current year to get a Temporary Permit for a replacement vehicle registered in your name or a relative’s name. You can’t permanently or temporarily register a friend’s vehicle. If you come in late at night or on a weekend, call 1109 and an officer will meet you to issue a Temporary Permit. Handwritten notes will not be honored.
Where can visitors to the campus park?  A visitor is someone inquiring about the University or transacting business with a campus office. There are spaces set aside and marked for visitors. No campus community member can park in a visitor space.  A good rule of thumb - if your vehicle is registered to park on campus for the current year, you can’t use a visitor space.


What should I do if I live on campus and someone comes to visit me to stay overnight?   A guest (i.e. a relative, a friend or even a commuter FMU student) can stay overnight. Parking in housing, Lots F, G, and H and around the Apartments is restricted during certain hours. If you have someone staying, get approval from Housing through an Overnight Guest Visitation form. A copy of the form acts as a temporary pass and must be displayed on the front dash of the guest’s vehicle. It lets your guest park in a non-restricted parking space. 
Can I park on the street for only a minute with my emergency flashers on?   Parking on the street or in the parking lot drives is prohibited. Parking for “only a minute with your flashers on” could get you a ticket. Service vehicles park on the street for several reasons such as to free up spaces in the lots or because there are tools and materials that must be moved back and forth. If you need to park near a University building for a short period of time to load/unload cumbersome objects, call Campus Police at 1109.
I’ve driven around in a parking lot for 10 minutes; can’t I park in a faculty space so I’m not late for class?  No, if you don’t find a space in a certain parking lot, please try others such as Lot “D” down by the University Center or Lot “F” between the Academic Computer Center and Village Apartments. 
What do I do if I get a ticket?  You must pay or appeal your FMU ticket within 14 calendar days of the ticket issue date or the fine doubles and you lose your appeal right. If you get a Campus ticket and believe it was issued in error, you can appeal the ticket in writing to the University Traffic Committee. Forms are at the Cashier’s Office, or you can appeal on the web.


FMU Traffic Regulation:


FMU Traffic Regulation





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