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August 9, 2008
BOT Minutes August 9, 2008


Wampee Conference Center

Pinopolis, South Carolina

Saturday, August 9, 2008 – 10:35 am –10:47am


Presiding:                                                                      Present:


Mr. George C. McIntyre                                                Mr. Bradley R. Boles

Chairman                                                          Mr. T. Hal Campbell

Mr. William W. Coleman, Jr.

Mrs. Laura S. Crowther

Dr. H. Randall Dozier

Mr. L. Franklin Elmore

Ms. Melissa Johnson Emery

                                                                        Mr. Robert E. Lee

                                                                        Mr. Timothy F. Norwood, Sr.

                                                                        Dr. J. Kevin O’Kelly

                                                                        Mrs. Carolyn Beasley Shortt

                                                                        Mr. W. C. Stanton


Others Present:

Mrs. Shireese Bell, Morning News

Mr. D. Keith Best, Chair of the Faculty & Professor of Theatre Arts

Mr. Darryl L. Bridges, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. L. Fred Carter, President

Dr. Richard Chapman, Provost

Mrs. Elizabeth I. Cooper, Vice President for Public and Community Affairs

Mr. Jay Dowd, Vice President for Development/Executive Director of FMU Foundation

Dr. Rebecca H. Flannagan, Vice Chair of the Faculty & Associate Professor of English

Mr. A. Glen Gourley, Secretary of the Faculty & Professor of Theatre Arts

Dr. John R. Hester, Psychology Chair & Director of the Center for the Child

Mrs. Rachel R. Hamaie, Executive Assistant to the President

Mr. Murray G. Hartzler, Director of Athletics

Mr. Jay Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs

Mr. Willson Stanton, grandson of Mr. W. C. Stanton

Dr. Charlene Wages, Vice President for Administration














Mr. George McIntyre called the meeting to order at 10:35 am. He then asked Mrs. Rachel Hamaie to call the roll. Mr. McIntyre then noted for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and a quorum was present.


Mr. McIntyre presented the minutes of the June 6, 2008 Board Meeting to the Board for approval. Mr. William Coleman made a motion for the minutes to be approved. The motion was seconded by Mr. Frank Elmore. The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.


President’s Report:


Dr. Fred Carter began by welcoming the four new trustees to the Board, Mr. Tim Norwood, Mr. Boles, Mrs. Laura Crowther, and Dr. Kevin O’Kelly, and thanking them for their willingness to serve. He then promised, on behalf of himself, the Vice Presidents, and the University, that the time and effort that they dedicate to the University will not be wasted, but will directly benefit the students, faculty, and staff of FMU.


Secondly, Dr. Carter spoke about the dreams and plans for the next 5 years at FMU, which had been discussed at the retreat this year.  A mother, father, and daughter walked up and spoke with the President after an orientation session this year and the father told him that this was a very important day for them. He then went on to tell Dr. Carter that he had driven by the University numerous times on his way between Florence and Marion over the years. When passing the University, he would always lean over the backseat and tell his daughter, “Someday we’ll find a way for you to go to this college”. Despite all of the plans that have been discussed over the past two days, FMU was created for the sole purpose of addressing the needs of families such as this. The faculty and staff of FMU have been able, over the years, to help more and more families from the Pee Dee to be able to afford and attend FMU. In the final analysis, this is the true purpose of this institution.


Unfinished Business


No unfinished business.


New Business


Mr. McIntyre announced the creation of two new committees. The first is a nominating committee which will nominate Board leaders for the 2009-2011 term. This committee will be composed of the three immediate past chairs, Mr. Ken Jackson, Mrs. Gail Richardson and Mr. Robert Lee. They will announce their nominations at the February 2009 meeting. The Board will vote on these new officers at the June 2009 meeting. 


The second new committee will be the Audit Committee. This is an entirely new committee, which is being appointed at the recommendation of the President. This committee will be composed of the current Board Chair, the immediate past chair, the chair of the Financial Affairs and Facilities Committee, and the President. This committee plans to meet two to three times a year and will report back to the Board after doing so. 


Mr. McIntyre then reminded the Board of the future dates of the Francis Marion University Board of Trustees Meetings, which are:


November 7, 2008


February 6, 2009


June 5, 2009


Mr. McIntyre asked if there were further announcements to be made. Dr. Chapman then reminded the Board of the dedication for the Center for the Child on August 14, 2008 and the Freshman Move-in Day on August 16, 2008.


Mr. Norwood made a motion to adjourn. Mrs. Carolyn Shortt seconded this motion. The Board adjourned at 10:47 a.m.   



Respectfully Submitted





Carolyn Beasley Shortt



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