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June 3, 2005




Francis Marion University


The Cottage, Hendrick Room


Friday, June 3, 2005 – 11:32 am – 12:51 pm




Presiding:                                                        Present:



Mrs. Gail N. Richardson                                  Mr. T. Hal Campbell


Chair                                                               Dr. H. Randall Dozier


                                                                        Mr. William M. Ellen


                                                                        Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson


                                                                        Mr. Alex Kiriakides, III


                                                                        Senator Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr.


                                                                                    Member Emeritus


                                                                        Mr. Robert E. Lee


                                                                        Mr. George C. McIntyre


                                                                        Mrs. Carolyn Beasley Shortt


                                                                        Mr. W. C. Stanton


                                                                        Mr. Robert W. Williams, Jr.




Others Present:



Dr. Ken Autrey, Chair of the Faculty


Mr. Garry L. Ballard, Executive Director of Communications Services


Mrs. Janet R. Braddock, Executive Assistant to the President


Mr. Darryl Bridges, Dean of Students


Ms. Julie Bush, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management


Dr. Fred Carter, President


Dr. Richard Chapman, Provost


Mrs. Elizabeth I. Cooper, Director of Community Relations


Ms. Angela Crosland, Reporter, Morning News


Mrs. Kim Davis, Human Resources Assistant - Employment


Mr. John P. Dowd, III, Vice President for Development/Executive Director of FMU Foundation


Mr. Daniel Dukes, Legislative Liaison


Dr. Ron Faulkenberry, Dean, School of Education


Mr. Murray Hartzler, Director of Athletics and Men’s Soccer Coach


Dr. Joseph E. Heyward, Vice President for Student Affairs


Mr. Todd Hudak, News Editor, Writer


Dr. Mike Jordan, Professor of Psychology/Director of Institutional Research


Mr. John J. Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs


Dr. Kenneth Kitts, Associate Provost


Mr. Howard Lundy, Administrative Manager/University Auditor


Mr. John Russell, Photographer, Morning News


Mrs. Kelly Sellers, Director of Alumni Affairs











Mrs. Gail Richardson, Chair of the Board, called the meeting to order at 11:32 am.  Mrs. Richardson noted for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and a quorum was present.  She then asked Mrs. Jan Braddock to call the roll.  After the roll call, Mrs. Richardson informed the Board that Representative Thomas Keegan, Member Emeritus, has asked to become inactive on the Board.



Mrs. Richardson then brought the minutes of the February 4, 2005 Board Meeting to the Board for approval.  The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.



Academic Affairs and Shared Governance Committee:



Mr. Jackson stated that Dr. Ken Autrey gave the committee an update on the faculty.  Two items mentioned were changes in curriculum and revisions to the faculty handbook.  Mr. Jackson also stated that the SACS committee has been established and will be led by Dr. Charlene Wages.  He also mentioned that a new lecture series, the William C. Moran Annual Lecture, has been established.  Dr. Lorraine de Montluzin gave the inaugural lecture for this new lecture series.  Each year, this lecture will be given by a retiring or recently retired faculty member.  Mr. Jackson also mentioned that work continues on the University Strategic Plan.  He noted that Dr. Tommy Ramey from the Mathematics Department received the Distinguished Professor Award for 2005.  In addition, the following faculty members received other awards at the faculty dinner:  Ms. Lisa Pike in Biology, Teaching Award; Dr. Jeff Camper in Biology, Research Award; Dr. Liz Zahnd in Modern Languages, Service Award; and Mr. Keith Best in Fine Arts, Shared Governance Award.  There were also a number of on-campus conferences for high school and undergraduate students sponsored by the Political Science, Physics, and Mathematics departments.  Mr. Jackson also noted that a feasibility study is being done for a Music degree, a Non-profit Leadership program, and an Applied Sciences M. S. program.  There is a committee currently working toward establishment of cross-disciplinary collateral and minor programs in Gender Studies.



Mr. Jackson also stated that the committee heard a report from Ms. Julie Bush, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management.  There were 276 undergraduate students and 17 graduate students who received degrees at the May graduation.  Also, there has been an increase in freshmen applications for the eighth straight year.  To date, there is an increase of 16.7% in freshmen applications over last year.  Admitted freshmen are up by 13.1% from last year.  The Admissions Office is processing 46.6% more applications than were processed in 1998.  The Enrollment Management area has hired two new employees who are Francis Marion University graduates.  Ms. Maggie Gause was hired as an Admissions Counselor, and Ms. Vickie Williams was hired as Coordinator of Orientation and Provisional Programs.  Also, the Financial Assistance Office awarded $19.1 million in aid to 2400 students for the 2005-2006 academic year.



Mr. Jackson stated that the committee heard a report from Dr. Richard Chapman on things that are happening with the faculty and the library.  He noted that the faculty continues to be involved in research and scholarly activity which will benefit the University.  In addition, the committee heard a report from Dr. Sylvia Lufkin on the Nursing Department.  Dr. Lufkin reported that the department has completed the process of hiring faculty for Fall 2005.  The new hires include six full-time faculty and one part-time faculty.  The Junior class for this Fall has been selected, and there will be 32 students in this inaugural class.  There were 73





applications that were submitted from which these 32 students were selected.  The average GPA for this class is 3.45, and the average SAT is 1110.



Alumni Affairs Committee:



Dr. Randy Dozier began his report by thanking Mrs. Libby Cooper and Mrs. Kelly Sellers for their hard work in promoting activities at the University.  Dr. Dozier noted that the Homecoming activities held in February were very successful.  The School of Education held a reception and the School of Business held a breakfast for their alums.  In addition, there was the Alumni Basketball Game which is always a popular activity during Homecoming.  There were approximately 200 alums on campus that Saturday for Homecoming.



Dr. Dozier noted that Alumni Association membership has increased.  To date, there are 311 annual members and 202 lifetime members for a total of 513 members.  There were 32 new graduates who joined in 2004.  Dr. Dozier stated that the Alumni Association Advisory Board has elected its officers for 2005-2006.  The officers are as follows:  Mr. Julian Young, President; Mr. Stephen Jones, Vice-President; and Mr. Tracey Freeman, Secretary-Treasurer.  On June 30, seven candidates will be presented for Alumni Advisory Board membership by the Nominating Committee and voted on by the full Board.  In addition to invited alums, the Past President’s Council appoints three of its members to serve on the Advisory Board every two years.  For the 2005-2007 term, the immediate past president, Ms. Cathy Lee, will serve along with Mr. Larry Bartol (Alumni Association President from 1982 to 1984) and Mr. Richard Brewer (Alumni Association president from 1977 to 1979).



Dr. Dozier stated that on March 1, the Patriot Bookstore and the Francis Marion University Offices of Career Development, Counseling and Testing, the Registrar, and Alumni Affairs sponsored Senior Salute Day at the University Center .  On that day, candidates for graduation were able to take care of all of their commencement needs in one location.  They ordered caps and gowns, invitations, college rings, and provided the Alumni Office their permanent contact information, including their email address.  A total of 147 students participated in Senior Salute Day.



Dr. Dozier noted that the School of Education ’s Alumni Committee is hard at work on the following initiatives:  remaining in contact with alumni through email and the FMU website; pursuing alumni suggestions for honoring education alumni; publicizing School of Education events; and utilizing alumni expertise on School of Education committees and projects.  Under the direction of Dr. Wayne Pruitt, the School of Education will soon be inviting alumni public school teachers and administrators to serve on a newly established Public School Advisory Council.



Dr. Dozier also stated that the Alumni Association has several new fundraising initiatives.  Prints of the FMU seal and Patriots logo, a FMU lamp, a SC State lamp shade, and a FMU trailer hitch are available to order on the Alumni Association website.



Executive Committee:



Mrs. Richardson stated that the Executive Committee met, and there was no action taken.






Financial Affairs and Responsibility Committee:



Mr. Bill Ellen stated that Mr. Jay Kispert went over the Budget Summary as of April 30, 2005 in detail with the committee.  Mr. Ellen noted that revenues and expenditures are in line with budget projections.



Mr. Ellen then brought Resolution 3-05, Adjustment of University Fees to the Board for approval.  The resolution calls for an increase in existing required fees of 8%. Also, it calls for the establishment of fees for the FMU Nursing Program based on the Medical University of South Carolina’s rates for Fall 2004 adjusted for the University’s 8% increase.  Mr. Ellen noted that, even with this proposed increase in fees, the University is still one of the most affordable colleges in the state.  The uses of the fee increase include the University’s share of 4% state raises, in addition to a 2% University funded pay increase for faculty and staff.  Mr. Ellen then asked for a motion that this resolution be approved.  Mr. Hal Campbell made the motion, and Mrs. Carolyn Shortt seconded that motion.  The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board



Mr. Ellen brought Resolution 04-05, Budget Approval, to the Board for approval.  Dr. Randy Dozier made a motion that the resolution be approved.  Mr. Robert Williams seconded the motion.  The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board.



Mr. Ellen brought Resolution 05-05, Lease-Back of Pee Dee Education Research Corporation Property to the Board for approval.  The resolution entails that the building and acreage owned by the Pee Dee Education Research Corporation would be purchased by Francis Marion University for the amount of $5.  It also includes a lease of the building back to the Pee Dee Education Research Corporation for $1 per year over a period of ninety-nine years.  All of this is subject to approval by the State Budget and Control Board.  Mr. Robert Williams made a motion that the resolution be approved.  Mr. George McIntyre seconded the motion.  The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board.



Mr. Ellen brought Resolution 06-05, Issuance of State Institutional Bonds to the Board for approval.  The issue amount will be $1,275,000, with $75,000 representing the cost of issuance and $1,200,000 to fund the Student Activity Center Project.  The maximum annual debt service will occur in the year 2012 and will be $157,124.50.  The projected interest rate for the bonds is 3.74%.  A motion was made by Mr. Robert Williams to approve the resolution.  The motion was seconded by Dr. Randy Dozier.  The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board.



Planning and Accreditation Committee:



Dr. Randy Dozier stated that the committee heard reports on different accreditation processes in which the University has been involved.  One of these accreditations is with the National Association of Schools of Theatre.  The FMU Theatre Department has received continued and complete accreditation which will be in force for ten years.  The School of Education has received accreditation with conditions from the National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Education.  The School of Education will submit a supplementary report to NCATE in October 2005, at which time it is anticipated that the conditions will be met.  The NCATE accreditation is in force for seven years.  Also, the FMU Art Department






did very well in its accreditation process with the National Association of Schools of Art Design.  They are waiting for their final notice of approval for accreditation.  In addition, the School of Business has submitted its five-year interim report to the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.  The current accreditation remains in effect until 2010.  Also, the new Francis Marion University Nursing Program has been approved by the South Carolina State Board of Nursing and the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. 



The University’s reaccreditation by SACS is due to begin soon.  An orientation session for the Francis Marion University SACS leadership team will take place in June 2006.  The compliance certification is due in Fall 2007.  The quality enhancement will be due in Spring 2008, approximately six weeks prior to the site visit.  Then, the site visit takes place in March or April of 2008.



Dr. Mike Jordan reported that an Exit Survey was done for students graduating in May 2005.  State law requires all state colleges to survey their graduates’ satisfaction with the academic programs.   The survey revealed that 65% of the graduating class is planning to seek additional education to further their career goals.  It also revealed that 90% of the graduates were satisfied or very satisfied with their academic experiences.  In addition, the survey showed that the majority of these students were working between 11 and 35 hours while attending classes at the University.



Student Affairs and Athletics Committee:



Mrs. Carolyn Shortt began her report by noting information from a report done on philanthropy activities in the Greek Organizations.  The Greek Organizations averaged having four to six fundraising/philanthropy activities per organization, and these activities were very successful.  The average GPA for members of the Greek Organizations is 2.733, compared to the University average of 2.716.



Mrs. Shortt stated that Mr. Murray Hartzler, Athletic Director, gave a report on the athletic area.  Mrs. Shortt noted that athletic fundraising is going very well.  Of the pledged goal of $137,303, the athletic department has received $131,236.  The major fundraisers included the Carolina Corporation Golf Challenge, the Chicken Bog, and the Swamp Fox Campaign.  The athletic department has made application for NCAA Division I status for the Women’s Soccer and Men’s Golf programs.  The University should receive a determination from the NCAA on the change in status by August 1.  At that point, we will have to submit a strategic plan to the NCAA.  There will be a two year transition period for the change in status where we must meet all Division I requirements.  In regard to student athletes with academic honors, there were sixty-seven student athletes named to the Peach Belt Presidential Honor Roll.  In addition, eleven student athletes were named to the Chi Alpha Sigma Honor Society.  Also, Katie Riley was named an Academic All-American in Women’s Soccer.



In the area of Student Affairs, Mrs. Shortt noted that the Student Government Association has appropriated $19,000 to fund the 23 campus events hosted by FMU student organizations during the past year.  In addition, there were twenty senators elected for the 2005-2006 academic year.  The officers elected for the 2005-2006 year were Ms. Tamika Hudgens, President-elect; Ms. Tiffany Gibson, Treasurer; and Mr. Frank Wright, Secretary.  There are currently 51 registered student organizations for the 2005-2006 academic year.  Mrs. Shortt also noted that Ms. Danielle Shoemaker was crowned Ms. FMU 2005.





The Counseling and Testing Office completed the Commuter Student Survey project that was initiated one year ago.  One interesting thing that the survey revealed is that the students are looking for more dining options on campus and would like a lounge-like setting to relax between their classes.  In a feedback letter sent to the students, they were informed of the plans for building the Student Activities Center .



In the area of International Student Affairs, approximately five new international students are expected in Fall 2005.  This brings the total to around 40 international students from 15 countries attending FMU.



The Student Health Services area reports that it is looking at the possibility of discontinuing the TB test requirement for entering students, with the exception of international and nursing students.  The office is consulting with DHEC about discontinuing the test.



University Development Committee:



Mr. Robert Williams reported that the capital campaign is still going very well.  He stated that the original goal of $12 million has been raised to $20 million.  Of that goal, $18.5 has been received to date.  There is every expectation that the new goal will be exceeded.  Mr. Williams also noted that the capital campaign has received a lot of support from hospitals and other entities.



Mr. Williams then asked for comments from Mr. Jay Dowd.  Mr. Dowd informed the Board that the FMU Foundation recently acquired 109 acres of land which in located on the south side of US Highway 76/301 and the west side of SC Highway 327.  It is approximately 5 miles east of the city limits of Florence .  Developers are going to be brought in for consultation on the best uses for the land.



President’s Report:



Dr. Carter began his report by acknowledging what a wonderful job Dr. Ken Autrey is doing as Chair of the Faculty.  Dr. Carter then thanked Senator Hugh Leatherman for all of the support he has given the University. He also acknowledged Senator Leatherman for the fine job he has done in helping to make tough budgetary decisions during times of state budget cuts.  Dr. Carter noted that the budget cuts were always fair and well explained.  Finally, Dr. Carter acknowledged Mrs. Gail Richardson for her tireless efforts as Chair of the Board of Trustees.



Unfinished Business:



Mrs. Richardson stated that Dr. Carter’s Agency Head Evaluation is due soon.  She asked that the Board members please call her by June 10 with any input they would like to give on this.



Mrs. Richardson then noted for information that, at the August meeting, the Board will be considering a proposal to name the new Nursing Building after Dr. Frank B. Lee.  She stated that all Board members should have a copy of the letter from Dr. Carter to her concerning this matter with Dr. Lee’s vita attached.






Mrs. Richardson thanked the Board for their support during her service as Chair.  She encouraged the Board members to continue involvement at University activities.  She also encouraged them to continue to support the University financially.



New Business:



Mrs. Richardson brought the following slate of officers for 2005-2006 to the Board for approval:



Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson                    Chairman


Mr. George C. McIntyre                       Vice Chairman


Mrs. Carolyn Beasley Shortt               Secretary



Mr. Robert Williams made a motion that the slate of officers be approved.  Mr. Robert Lee seconded the motion.  The slate of officers for 2005-2006 received unanimous approval by the Board.



Mrs. Richardson then turned the meeting over to Mr. Ken Jackson .  Mr. Jackson said that he enjoyed working with Mrs. Richardson during his service as Vice Chair.  He stated that he is looking forward to working with the Board members as Chair, and will be calling each member prior to the meeting in August to find out their items of interest.



Mr. Jackson adjourned the meeting at 12:51 pm.





Respectfully Submitted,






Carolyn Beasley Shortt









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