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February 4, 2005




Francis Marion University


Ervin Dining Hall, President’s Dining Room


Friday, February 4, 2005 – 11:34 am – 12:22 pm



Presiding:                                                        Present:


Mrs. Gail N. Richardson                                              Mrs. Teresa Anderson


Chair                                                                           Mr. James A. Brown, Jr.


                                                                                    Mr. Hal Campbell


Dr. H. Randall Dozier


Mr. William M. Ellen


Mr. L. Franklin Elmore


                                                                                    Mrs. Melissa Emery


                                                                                    Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson


                                                                                    Senator Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr.


                                                                                        Member Emeritus 


                                                                                    Mr. Robert E. Lee 


                                                                                    Mr. George C. McIntyre


                                                                                    Mr. W. C. Stanton





Others Present:


Dr. Ken Autrey, Chair of the Faculty


Mr. Garry L. Ballard, Executive Director of Communications Services


Mrs. Janet R. Braddock, Executive Assistant to the President


Mr. Darryl Bridges, Dean of Students


Ms. Julie Bush, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management


Dr. Fred Carter, President


Mrs. Elizabeth I. Cooper, Director of Community Relations


Ms. Angela Crosland, Reporter, Morning News


Mrs. Kim Davis, Human Resources Assistant – Employment


Mr. John P. Dowd, Vice President for Development/Executive Director of FMU Foundation


Mr. Daniel Dukes, Legislative Liason


Dr. Ron Faulkenberry, Dean, School of Education


Dr. Gary W. Hanson, Vice President for Administration


Mr. Murray Hartzler, Director of Athletics and Men’s Soccer Coach


Dr. Joseph E. Heyward, Vice President for Student Affairs


Mr. Todd Hudak, News Editor, Writer


Mr. John J. Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs


Dr. Kenneth D. Kitts, Associate Provost


Mrs. Kelly Sellers, Director of Alumni Affairs













Mrs. Gail Richardson , Chair of the Board, called the meeting to order at 11:34 am.  Mrs. Richardson noted for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and a quorum was present.  She then asked Mrs. Jan Braddock to call the roll.  Mrs. Richardson also noted that the following Board members have an excused absence:  Mr. Coleman, Mr. Ervin, Mrs. Hartung, Rep. Keegan, Mr. Kiriakides, Mrs. Shortt, and Mr. Williams.



Mrs. Richardson then brought the minutes of the August 6, 2004 Board Meeting to the Board for approval.  The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.



Academic Affairs and Shared Governance Committee:



Mr. Elmore stated that the committee received a report from Dr. Ken Autrey, Chair of the Faculty.  They are continuing to work on the curriculum for the Department of Nursing.  Students are now being admitted to the Francis Marion University Nursing program for the Fall 2005 term.  The anticipated enrollment will be between 32 and 48 students.   Mr. Elmore also reported that the faculty handbook is being fine tuned.  In addition, he stated that preparation for the SACS accreditation is on track.  Also, the general education curriculum is being assessed by the faculty.



Mr. Elmore stated that a report was given by Ms. Julie Bush, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management.  Through February 2, there are 3,048 students registered for the Spring 2005 term.  There are approximately 245 applications for the May 2005 commencement, which is about a 10% increase.  There are 94 applications being evaluated for honors graduation.  Freshmen applications for 2005 increased by 19.4%, and Freshmen being admitted for Fall 2005 increased by 15.1%.  More students have been denied admissions for Fall 2005 due to the increase in the admissions standards.  There are three open houses scheduled for Spring 2005.   Mr. Elmore reported that Ms. Jacqueline Colonel has joined the Admissions Office as an Admissions Counselor.  Also, Ms. Rebecca Lunn has retired after 30 years of service to the University.  Mr. Elmore noted that this year 81% of the students at Francis Marion University received financial aid totaling approximately $13.5 million.



Mr. Elmore stated that the committee heard a report on Rogers Library.  The library served 151,219 customers this past year.



Mr. Elmore noted that the faculty has been very busy.  He mentioned Dr. Scott Kaufman in the History department has three new books coming out.



Mr. Elmore stated that the committee was given a report on the Teacher Cadet Program.  The University is working with six high schools, including Hannah-Pamplico, Dillon, Johnsonville, Lamar, Marlboro, and Mullins to implement this program.



Mr. Elmore stated that the Center for Excellence is in the development stages.  It is hoped that this will be finished by Fall 2005.



Mr. Elmore noted that the committee heard a report from Dr. Pamela Rooks, head of the Honors program.  The Honors students took a trip to New York in the Fall.  There are about 600 students eligible for the Honors Program.  However, there are approximately





150 who participate.  It is hoped that there will be more students who will show an interest in being part of the Honors Program.




Mr. Elmore then brought Resolution 03-05 Approving the Francis Marion University Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Program to the Board for approval.  Mr. Ken Jackson seconded the motion.  The resolution received unanimous approval.



Alumni Affairs Committee:



Dr. Dozier mentioned that Francis Marion University Homecoming will take place February 10 through February 12.  There will be numerous activities for alumni and their families to attend.



Dr. Dozier stated that the committee heard a report from Ms. Megan Hucks, who is Vice President of the Student Alumni Association.   She reported that there will be a Spirit Stick contest between the organizations on campus.  She also noted that the Student Alumni Association will have a Valentine’s Day Bake Sale .



Dr. Dozier noted that the School of Education Alumni Committee gave a report to the committee.  Dr. Sharon Moore Askins and Mrs. Nancy Townsend reported on the committee’s first meeting which took place on January 20, 2005.  The committee’s primary initiative is communication with School of Education alumni.  They also hope to establish a School of Education Alumni Award .  In addition, they hope to aid in recruiting new School of Education students.  Currently, the School of Education has awarded 2208 Bachelors Degrees and 2216 Masters Degrees.



The School of Business will be hosting an Alumni Breakfast on February 11.  The 2005 Outstanding School of Business Graduate will be awarded that day to Mr. Perry Grice from Marion, South Carolina .



Dr. Dozier noted the following alums who received awards at the Alumni Appreciation Dinner on the night of February 3:



Outstanding Alumnus – Mr. Richard Harrington


Benjamin Wall Ingram III Young Alumnus – Dr. Leslie Frinks


Alumni Volunteer of the Year – Mr. Darrell Jameson



Executive Affairs Committee:



Mrs. Richardson stated that the Executive Committee met, and there was no action taken.




Financial Affairs and Responsibility Committee:



Mr. Ellen stated that Mr. Jay Kispert gave a report to the committee on the Budget Summary as of December 31, 2004.  Mr. Ellen stated that revenues and expenditures are in line with budget projections.







Mr. Ellen then brought Resolution 01-05 Adjustment of Housing and Dining Services Fees to the Board for approval.  This resolution will increase these fees for 2005 - 2006 as follows:



  • Residence Halls (2 person/1 bedroom) – increased from $1,200 to $1,380


With required 19 meal plan - increased from $2,328 to $2,565


  • Apartments (4 person/4 bedroom) – increased from $1,250 to $1,440


  • Apartments (2 person/1 bedroom) – increased from $1,300 to $1,495


  • Forest Villa Apartments (4 person/4 bedroom) – increased from $1,500 to $1,725


  • Forest Villa Apartments (2 person/2 bedroom) – increased from $1,550 to $1,785


  • 14 - Meal Plan – increased from $1,049 to $1,100


  • 19 - Meal Plan – increased from $1,128 to $1,185



Mr. Ellen made a motion that Resolution 01-05 be approved by the Board.  Mr. George McIntyre seconded the motion.  The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board.



Mr. Ellen also brought Resolution 02-05 Issuance of State Institution Bonds to the Board for approval.  This resolution is for issuing State Institution Bonds to fund the building of a new student activity center.  Mr. Ellen made a motion that the resolution be approved by the Board.  Mr. Frank Elmore seconded the motion.  The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board.




Planning and Accreditation Committee:



Ms. Emery reported that the Department of Fine Arts has gotten a report from the National Association of Schools of Theatre that they have received re-accreditation.  They are now anticipating a visit in April 2005 from the National Association of Schools of Art Design.



Ms. Emery then reported that the committee heard from Dr. Charlene Wages and Dr. Mike Jordan concerning their trip to a SACS workshop.  They have learned that most of the information required for the upcoming SACS visit can be provided on-line.  We are ahead of the game in this respect with information on our web site.  The University’s Institutional Effectiveness Reports can be viewed on our web site at



Ms. Emery also reported that the University is still working on the University Strategic Plan, and there will be an update on the status of this initiative at the next Board meeting.



Student Affairs and Athletics Committee:



Mr. Brown stated that the committee heard reports from Dr. Joe Heyward, Mr. Darryl Bridges, and Mr. Murray Hartzler.



In the student life area, the SGA is having a great year.  There are currently 56 recognized student organizations on campus.  There have been several films and other activities for the students to enjoy.  Also, there seems to be an increasing need for student health services.





With respect to athletics, Mr. Hartzler presented a report on the progress of the committee evaluating the move to NCAA Division I status.  Mr. Brown stated that this report requires no Board action at this time.  However, there are copies of the report available for all Board members who wish to review it.  Mr. Brown also noted that the overall GPA for athletes for the Fall 2004 semester is 2.844.  The overall student GPA was 2.4.  The two teams with the highest average GPAs are Women’s Soccer with an overall GPA of 3.226, and Women’s Volleyball with an overall GPA of 3.364.



University Development Committee:



Mr. Elmore stated the committee heard a report from Mr. Chip Stanley with the Stanley Group in Columbia who is the University’s new investment manager. There was a reallocation of assets which brought about an increase in performance from $7.5 million to $9.6 million.



Mr. Elmore also reported that the Capital Campaign is going extremely well.  The campaign has raised just under $17.7 million in assets.  The original goal was $12 million.  There are still prospects equaling approximately $2.5 million.



The Foundation Board is having a retreat to begin development of a strategic plan.  There should be a report on that at the May Board meeting.



President’s Report:



Dr. Carter reported that things are going very well.  The University’s operating finances are sound and operating reserves are healthy.  Enrollment is growing, with applications increasing by 19.4%.  Dr. Carter noted that these applications reflect the increase in confidence and excellence in our student body.  Dr. Carter noted the University intends to phase out the CAP program over the next two years.  Dr. Carter also noted that 81.8% of our students are currently on financial aid.  Dr. Carter noted that this brings out the real significance of the Capital Campaign.  As the University’s enrollment is growing, we are not leaving behind students who so desperately need financial aid to attend college.  Dr. Carter also stated that he is very proud of the fact that 40% of our students are first generation college students.



Dr. Carter stated that the faculty and staff are working hard and staying very motivated.  He attributed this motivation to the fact that the Board makes it a priority each year to look after them by giving raises to help with the increasing costs of health benefits.



Dr. Carter stated that our SACS accreditation preparation is on track.  He commended Dr. Charlene Wages for her excellent work in this.



Dr. Carter also noted that plans for moving our athletic programs to Division I status are on track.  He said that the Board will talk more extensively about this at the summer retreat.



Dr. Carter also mentioned the different building plans the University is anticipating.  The University is planning to build a new Student Activity Building , hoping to have this completed by January 2006.  There is also an addition to the new Forest villas planned,





which should be completed by August of this year.  Also, with the approval of a bond bill, the University will begin building a Center for the Child and do needed renovations to Founders Hall.  Dr. Carter mentioned that Mr. Jay Dowd is currently pursing the acquisition of additional land, and the Board will hear more about this at the June meeting.



Dr. Carter noted that the University is looking into entering a cooperative effort with the Pee Dee School Districts.  The Board will receive more information on this at the next meeting.



Dr. Carter mentioned that Dr. Duane Myers has compiled a listing of publications by Francis Marion University faculty.  He said that there is a high quality of research going on at the University which is often not noted.



Dr. Carter noted that the curriculum in the General Education area is being reviewed.  Also, the Provost and other faculty members are currently evaluating the feasibility of offering a Bachelors Degree in Music, Bachelors Degree in Non-Profit Management, and a Masters Degree in Applied Biology.  He stated that if it is decided to have these programs, it may involve cooperative efforts with other universities.



Finally, Dr. Carter stated that there are two current initiatives which will connect the University heavily with the community.  One is the involvement of faculty in our Fine Arts department with the Florence Performing Arts Center.  Also, the University has agreed to be part of the Francis Marion Heritage Trail Association.



Unfinished Business:



No unfinished business




New Business:



Mr. Robert Lee brought a report from the Nominating Committee, which also includes Mrs. Trish Hartung and Mr. W. Coleman.  He gave the following slate of officers for the term beginning with the Summer Annual Meeting 2005:



Trustee Ken Jackson, Chair


Trustee George McIntyre, Vice Chair


Trustee Carolyn Shortt, Secretary



Mr. Lee stated that all Trustees have been notified by the Chair of the request for nominations, and the list of candidates is the unanimous recommendation of the Nominating Committee.  These candidates will be voted on at the next Board Meeting.





Executive Session:



No executive session needed.






Before closing the meeting, Mrs. Richardson made reference to several recent accomplishments of some of the Board members.  Dr. Randall Dozier had an article in the Greater Pee Dee Business Journal .  Mr. Hal Campbell received the Florence Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year award.  Also, Mr. W. C. Stanton’s son, Mr. David Stanton received an award on January 14, 2005 for his excellence in broadcasting.



Mrs. Richardson encouraged all of the Board members to stay for the luncheon following the Board meeting and to the three faculty members who were named Board of Trustees Research Scholars for this year.  She also mentioned the planetarium show which would follow the luncheon.





The meeting was adjourned at 12:22 pm.




 Respectfully Submitted,






Teresa C. Anderson






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