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May 28, 2004




Francis Marion University


Stokes Administration Building, President’s Board Room


Friday, May 28, 2004 – 11:35 am – 12:26 pm



Presiding:                                                        Present:


Mrs. Gail N. Richardson                                              Mr. William M. Ellen


Chair                                                                           Mr. L. Franklin Elmore


                                                                                    Mrs. Melissa Emery


Mrs. Patricia Hartung


                                                                                    Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson


                                                                                    Senator Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr.


                                                                                        Member Emeritus 


                                                                                    Mr. George C. McIntyre


Mrs. Carolyn Shortt


                                                                                    Mr. W. C. Stanton


                                                                                    Mr. Robert W. Williams, Jr.




Others Present:



Dr. Ken Autrey, Professor of English


Mr. Garry L. Ballard, executive Director of Communications Services


Janet R. Braddock, Executive Assistant to the President


Mr. Darryl Bridges, Assistant Vice President for Student Development


Ms. Julie Bush, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management


Dr. Fred Carter, President


Dr. Richard Chapman, Provost


Mrs. Elizabeth I. Cooper, Director of Community Relations


Ms. Angela Crosland, Reporter, Morning News


Mrs. Kim Davis, Human Resources Assistant – Employment


Mr. Daniel Dukes, Legislative Liaison


Dr. Gary W. Hanson, Vice President for Administration


Mr. Murray Hartzler, Director of Athletics and Men’s Soccer Coach


Dr. Joseph E. Heyward, Vice President for Student Affairs


Mr. John J. Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs


Dr. Kenneth D. Kitts, Associate Provost


Mrs. Kelly Sellers, Director of Alumni Affairs


Dr. Charlene Wages, Chairperson of the Faculty















Mrs. Gail Richardson, Chair of the Board, called the meeting to order at 11:35 am.  Mrs. Richardson noted for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and a quorum was present.  She then asked Mrs. Jan Braddock to call the roll.  Mrs. Richardson also noted that the following Board members have an excused absence:  Mrs. Teresa Anderson, Mr. Jim Brown, Mr. Coleman, Dr. Dozier, Mr. Ervin, Rep. Keegan, Mr. Kirakides, Dr. Knight, and Mr. Lee.



Mrs. Richardson then brought the minutes of the February 20, 2004 Board Meeting to the Board for approval.  Mr. George McIntyre made a motion that the minutes be approved.  Mrs. Hartung seconded the motion.  The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.



Academic Affairs and Shared Governance Committee:



Mrs. Hartung stated the committee would like to bring before the Board Resolution 03-04 Reaffirming University Policies Regarding Grade Point Average.  Mrs. Hartung stated the Life Sciences Act of 2004 established a different method of determining grade point average for Life Scholarship eligibility.  This resolution is just affirming that for our academic standards and student records, we will continue using the current policy for calculating GPA and will adopt the Life Sciences Act method for the purposes of awarding Life Scholarships.  Mrs. Hartung stated that she is making a motion from the committee that this resolution be adopted.  Mr. Williams seconded this motion.  The resolution received unanimous approval from the Board.



Mrs. Hartung stated that another action taken by the committee was to fully endorse Resolution 05-04 Authorizing Creation of the Francis Marion University Nursing Program and Construction of a Nursing Program Building, which will be brought to the Board for approval in another committee report.



Mrs. Hartung stated that Dr. Charlene Wages gave her final report as Chair of the Faculty.  Dr. Wages will be relinquishing her responsibilities to Dr. Ken Autrey on July 1, 2004.  Mrs. Hartung said that, on behalf of the committee, she would like to thank Dr. Wages for her great leadership and assistance during her tenure in this position.  Mrs. Hartung said that the committee would miss working with Dr. Wages, but looks forward to working with Dr. Autrey in the future.



Mrs. Hartung stated that the committee heard from the Associate Provost for Enrollment, Ms. Julie Bush, and enrollment has increased by 6%.  At this point, we have over 2000 students registered for Fall 2004.  Also, there has been over $15 million awarded in financial assistance.



Mrs. Hartung then said that the Provost gave a report on academically related activities taking place at the University.  It appears that we will be obtaining approval for a Center for Excellence to help train teachers who are teaching in the poverty areas of South Carolina.



Mrs. Hartung also said that the committee also heard a report from two faculty members, Dr. Ken Autrey and Dr. Barry O’Brien. 






Alumni Affairs Committee:



Mr. Stanton reported that the Alumni Association has exceeded the number of members obtained in each campaign since the inception of the dues program in 2000.  During 2003-2004, the Alumni Association enlisted 500 members.  Mr. Stanton stated that individual membership in the Alumni Association is $30, couples who are both alums pay $50.  A lifetime membership for an individual is $400, and lifetime membership for couples who are both alums is $600.



Mr. Stanton also mentioned the University’s new web presence and the new Alumni web page.  He stated that you could go to the Alumni web page and read about the Homecoming events.



Mr. Stanton stated that the graduates for Spring 2004 were invited to a reception at The Cottage where they had Alumni Association members on hand to answers questions about the Alumni Association and give a tour of The Cottage.



Mr. Stanton then said that the FMU Travelers is sponsoring a Western Caribbean Cruise March 5, 2005 through March 12, 2005.  The price is $759 for an inside stateroom and $950 for an ocean view stateroom.



Mr. Stanton said that the committee heard a report from Ms. Jennifer Higgins, President of the Student Alumni Association.  Ms. Higgins talked about the Spirit Stick Competition.  There were five student organizations that entered the competition.  The winner of the competition receives a congratulation statement in the Patriot newspaper, one-year ownership of the glass trophy case in the University Center, and a tee shirt.



Mr. Stanton stated that the Alumni Association would be working with different businesses that have FMU graduates.  One of these businesses is ACS Technologies in Florence.



Mr. Stanton then stated that he wanted to talk about the quality of FMU graduates.  He said that he would begin by talking about the Outstanding Alumni Award recipient for this year, Mr. Hal Campbell.  Mr. Stanton said that Mr. Campbell is a quiet person who is quick to appreciate the talents and abilities of other people.  Mr. Stanton stated that Mr. Campbell is an executive at ACS Technologies, a very successful business that employs a significant number of FMU graduates.  Mr. Stanton stated that on the Board of Trustees we have numerous FMU graduates.  Two are school administrators with earned doctorate degrees, three are lawyers, and six are very successful business people.  Mr. Stanton said that this is a perfect illustration that Francis Marion produces quality graduates.




Executive Affairs Committee:



Mrs. Richardson stated that the committee met and no action was taken.









Financial Affairs and Responsibility Committee:



Mr. McIntyre stated that the committee reviewed the budget summary.  Mr. McIntyre stated that the University is in good shape financially, and will probably finish the year with a slight surplus.



Mr. McIntyre then brought two resolutions that were approved by the committee to the Board for approval:



04-04 Adjustment of University Fees – Mr. McIntyre stated that this resolution provides for a 9% increase in tuition and a 3% increase in meal plan rates as requested by Sodexho Campus Services.  Mr. McIntyre stated that the committee feels the new fee structure will give the University latitude and flexibility as the University continues to grow.  The committee also did a comparative look at tuition at other state universities.  The current state average is $2846. With the current tuition at Francis Marion being $2541, this comparison shows that we are $305 below the state average.  Mr. McIntyre said that the committee feels that, even with this proposed increase in tuition, we will continue to have the lowest tuition in the state.  Mr. McIntyre said that the University would continue to stress financial assistance to students.  Currently we have 84% of our students receiving financial assistance.  Mr. McIntyre also stated that the committee feels that the meal plan increase is justified by the fact that Sodexho has done a great job and has had to absorb some additional costs passed on to them by their vendors.  Mr. McIntyre made a motion that the Board approve this resolution.  Mr. Williams seconded the motion.  When Mrs. Richardson asked if there was any discussion concerning resolution 04-04, Senator Leatherman then asked if the $30 million coming from the Life Sciences bill has been taken into consideration.  Dr. Carter stated that these funds had been taken into consideration.  Dr. Carter stated that we are estimating our portion of this $30 million to be approximately $1.5 million.  Dr. Carter stated that these funds are earmarked for non-recurring backlog projects on the campus.  Dr. Carter also stated that the Commission on Higher Education has told the University that, in all probability, these funds will not be available until such time as the research universities had raised their matching funds.  Senator Leatherman said that it is his understanding that only the research universities has to match their funds, and he thought we should be able to receive our funds at an earlier date.  Senator Leatherman asked Dr. Carter to get a clarification from CHE on these funds.  Dr. Carter said that he concurred with that, but reiterated that these funds are already earmarked for non-recurring backlog projects.  After the discussion Mrs. Richardson called for the vote, and the Board unanimously approved the resolution.



05-04 Authorizing Creation of the Francis Marion University Nursing Program and Construction of a Nursing Program Building - Mr. McIntyre thanked Dr. Carter and the University administration for their work in coordinating gift this with Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation.  Mr. McIntrye stated that the resolution covers three specific areas: 1) expresses appreciation to the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation for its generous gift, 2) authorizes the construction of the building on the Francis Marion University campus, contingent on appropriate state approvals, and 3) authorizes the creation of a Department of Nursing within the Francis Marion University College of Liberal Arts.  Mr. McIntyre said that the committee supports this resolution and brings it to the Board for






approval.  Mr. Williams seconded the motion.  The Board unanimously approved the resolution.     



Mr. McIntyre then thanked Senator Leatherman and Mr. Daniel Dukes for helping the University obtain $250,000 in new state revenues to help us start this program.



Mr. Williams then asked if there has been any consideration given to naming the nursing building.  Dr. Carter stated that this is being discussed with the FMU Foundation, and a recommendation will be brought to the Board concerning this at a later date.



Planning and Accreditation Committee:



Dr. Ken Kitts reported that Dr. Gary Hanson brought a report to the committee on strategic planning, performance funding, and technology planning.  In regard to strategic planning Dr. Kitts reported that the School of Business finalized its strategic plan in the Fall 2003 semester, and the College of Liberal Arts finalized its strategic plan in the Spring 2004 semester.  The School of Education strategic planning is well under, and might have been finalized at this point.  However, school officials have recommended that additional action be delayed so that this strategic plan can be aligned with NCATE accreditation.  Dr. Kitts reported that this alignment is under way at this point, and a completed strategic plan is expected to be finalized by the Fall 2004 semester.



Dr. Kitts then stated that Dr. Hanson reported on the University’s Performance Funding Report Card.  Dr. Kitts said that the grades are high and the University passed.  The only area of concern in the report is University supported funding for education reform.  However, Dr. Kitts stated that this issue is being addressed by the plans of developing a Center of Excellence administered by the School of Education.



Dr. Kitts said that the final area discussed by Dr. Hanson is the University Technology Plan.  Dr. Kitts stated that last year the University received Lottery funds in the amount of $500,000.  This year, the amount is expected to increase to any where from $600,000 to $650,000.  Dr. Kitts said that these funds have been earmarked for several projects on our campus including upgrading the sound systems in the Smith University Center and the Hyman Fine Arts Center, a greatly needed upgrade to our planetarium, participation in and leadership of the development a state-wide integrated library system, and the revision of the University web presence. 



Student Affairs and Athletics Committee:



Mrs. Carolyn Shortt started her report by commending Dr. Joe Heyward, Mr. Murray Hartzler, and Mr. Darryl Bridges for all of the good information that was shared during the committee meeting.  Mrs. Shortt stated that the SGA had its election, and two of the four officers are new.  Mr. James Brown, who is the new SGA president, is the recipient of the Frank Gilbert Memorial Award.  This year, the SGA approved funding for fifteen campus events.  One of the events was the purchase of three new computers for student use in the office of Career Development.








Mrs. Shortt then stated that Mr. Hartzler complimented the 100-200 fans that followed the Men’s Basketball team to Kennesaw State University.  Mr. Hartzler also reported on the GPAs of the FMU athletes, ranging from 2.243 to 3.463.  Miss Jennifer Howard, a member of the women’s basketball team, was the recipient of Swamp Fox Academic Award.  In sports overall, the teams have had a very successful year.      



Mrs. Shortt stated that Mr. Darryl Bridges gave a report on student life.  Mr. Bridges reported that the overall GPA for all Greek organizations is 2.768, which exceeds the University average of 2.669.  He also reported that the average GPA for females in Greek organizations is 2.746, and the male average is 2.545.



Mrs. Shortt also reported that, as of May 2004, 1192 students have been assigned housing for Fall 2004 at Francis Marion University.  There are currently 179 available rooms.  Mrs. Shortt then referred to the marketing pamphlets for The Forest Villas that were handed out to the Board members.  Mrs. Shortt said that Mr. Bridges reported there are at least 450 students interested in staying in The Forest Villas.  There are only 237 rooms available in The Villas.



Mrs. Short stated that Miss Cyprian Gillingham is our new Miss FMU.  Miss Gillingham is a Management Major from Hollywood, Maryland.  Mrs. Shortt reported that the University Programming Board had a very successful year.  She also mentioned that the search still continues for a new Coordinator of Student Life.



University Development Committee:



Mr. Robert Williams reported that we have signed commitments of $17,131,627.  The percentage our goal met to date, including verbal commitments, is 148%.  There are eight outstanding requests of $925,000.  We also have six verbal commitments equaling $585,000.  Mr. Williams thanked Dr. Carter for his great effort in securing donations to the capital campaign.  Mr. Williams stated that there are seven new signed commitments:  Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation $5,000,000 (Nursing Program); Daniels Estate $212,667 (Scholarship); Parks Garrison $100,000 (Scholarship); Victoria Ghazal $50,000 (Scholarship); Psaras Foundation $100,000 (Non-Profit Leadership Institute); Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation $200,000 (Nursing Scholarship); Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation $50.000 (Non-Profit Leadership Institute).  We have six verbal commitments as follows: Bryan Waldrup $250,000; Banks Scarborough $100,000; Anne Ervin $35,000; Williamsburg Beverage Distributors $50,000; Palmetto Brick $50,000; and Santee Cooper $100,000.



Mr. Williams reported that the FMU Foundation Board met on May 12 and elected three new Board members; Mr. Jim O’Loughlin, Mr. Frank Bullard, and Mr. Reamer King.  Mr. Williams then called on Mrs. Libby Cooper to report on the Non-Profit Leadership Institute.  Mrs. Cooper stated that the Non-Profit Leadership Institute came about two years ago with the help of Mr. Bradley Callicott, Director of the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation.  The plan next year is to take the Non-Profit Leadership Institute statewide.  Mrs. Cooper reported that additional funding has also been secured through the Psaras Foundation to help sustain the program through the next three to four years.  The curriculum has been expanded, with Gov. Jim Hodges being added as faculty.  The next






class will be held in September 2004, and Mr. Fred Sheheen will continue to be the Director of the Non-Profit Leadership Institute.  Mrs. Cooper also stated that Dr. Dan Finn, a professor from Harvard University, is also on the faculty and uses a case study model with issues related to non-profit organizations.



President’s Report:



Dr. Carter stated that in hearing the committee reports, he has noted the following that have been mentioned:  technology funds; the $1.5 million anticipated from the Life Sciences to deal with deferred maintenance; $250,000 in this appropriation that is recurring; $250,000 in this appropriation that is non-recurring.  He noted that Senator Hugh Leatherman has been instrumental in helping the University receive these funds, and has helped in many other ways.



Dr. Carter also mentioned that Dr. Charlene Wages will be relinquishing her position as Chair of the Faculty.  He thanked her deeply for all of the work that she has done in this capacity.  Dr. Carter stated that he is delighted Dr. Wages will be spearheading the upcoming SACS accreditation.



Dr. Carter noted his deep appreciation for the gift from the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation for the Nursing Program Building.  He also thanked the Board members for their help in securing this donation.  Dr. Carter also noted that Mr. Scott Faulkenberry and Mrs. Libby Cooper also worked very hard with this effort.  Dr. Carter also thanked Dr. Chapman and Dr. Kitts for making sure that the acquisition of the nursing program is chronologically in line with building the facility.



Dr. Carter also stated that this past year has been a very successful one for Francis Marion University athletics.  Dr. Carter said that it is now time to look into the future of athletics at FMU and determine where we will go and what we will do in that regard.  Dr. Carter announced that he would like to proceed with the appointment of a committee to study the future of athletics at FMU.  He stated that Mr. George McIntyre has agreed to serve as the Chair of the committee, with Mr. Murray Hartzler being Vice-Chair.  Dr. Carter said Mr. Wayne Huggins, Dr. Robert Moore, and Dr. Joe Heyward will also be on this committee.  Dr. Carter said there will be several other people who will be appointed by these five people.  Dr. Carter stated that the committee is essentially looking at three things:  our divisional status; our conference affiliation; and appropriate mix of sports at FMU.  Dr. Carter asked that the committee prepare a report to be given to the Board at the Fall 2004 meeting.



Dr. Carter said that increasing enrollment, a thriving capital campaign, and progressive construction are an indication that things are looking very bright at Francis Marion University.  He thanked the Board for the support they give in helping to achieve that brightness.



Unfinished Business:



No unfinished business







New Business:



Mr. Richardson reported that a number of Board members came up for re-election this year and were re-elected.  Those Board members are Mrs. Emery, Mrs. Hartung, Mr. Kiriakides, Mr. Williams, Mr. Coleman, and Mrs. Richardson.  Also, Mr. McIntyre was elected to take the seat that was occupied by Dr. Knight.



Mrs. Richardson stated that there are many wonderful events taking place on campus such as the Faculty Recognition Dinner, the Distinguished Alumni Dinner, and Commencement.  She encouraged the Board members to make time to come to these events.



Mrs. Richardson said that she made copies of the article on the donation by the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation written by Ms. Angela Crosland of the Morning News.  A copy was given to members in attendance.



Mrs. Richardson also mentioned the Board retreat at Wampee to take place August 5 and 6, 2004.  The Board will arrive at Wampee at 2:30 pm on August 5 and will leave at 12:00 pm on August 6.



Mrs. Richardson then stated that she will be preparing the Agency Head Evaluation soon.  She distributed a questionnaire for the Board members to review and asked them to call her with any comments they may have to assist her in completing the evaluation which is due June 8, 2004.


Executive Session:



No executive session needed.




The meeting was adjourned at 12:26 pm.




 Respectfully Submitted,






Teresa C. Anderson






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