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February 3, 2006



Francis Marion University

President’s Board Room, Stokes Administration Building

Friday, February 3, 2006 – 11:30 am – 12:30pm


Presiding:                                                                    Present:


Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson                                Mrs. Teresa Anderson

Chairman                                                        Mr. James A. Brown, Jr.

Mr. T. Hal Campbell

                                                                        Mr. William W. Coleman, Jr.

                                                                        Dr. Randall Dozier

                                                                        Mr. L. Franklin Elmore

                                                                        Mrs. Patricia Hartung

                                                                        Mr. Alex Kiriakides, III

                                                                        Mr. George C. McIntyre

                                                                        Mrs. Gail Ness Richardson

                                                                        Mrs. Carolyn Beasley Shortt (call in)

                                                                        Mr. W. C. Stanton

                                                                        Mr. Robert Williams


Others Present:

Dr. Ken Autrey, Chair of the Faculty

Mr. Garry L. Ballard, Executive Director of Communications Services

Ms. Shireese Bell, Morning News

Mr. Darryl Bridges, Dean of Students

Ms. Julie Bush, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management

Dr. Fred Carter, President

Dr. Richard Chapman, Provost

Mrs. Elizabeth I. Cooper, Director of Community Relations

Mrs. Kim Davis, Human Resources Assistant – Employment

Mr. Jay Dowd, Vice President for Development/Executive Director of FMU Foundation

Mrs. Rachel Ray- Hamaie, Executive Assistant to the President

Mr. Murray Hartzler, Director of Athletics

Mr. Michael Hawkins, News Writer/Sports Information Director

Mrs. Brandie Hayes, Director of Alumni Affairs

Dr. Joseph E. Heyward, Vice President for Student Affairs

Mr. Todd Hudak , News Editor

Ms. Tamika Hudgens, SGA President

Dr. Jessie J. Jordan, Director of Institutional Research

Mr. Jay Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs

Ms. Cynthia Lawson, Director of Admissions

Mr. Bob Merritt, University Attorney

Dr. Charlene Wages, Vice President for Administration

Mr. Julian Young, Assistant Director of Admissions







Mr. Jackson called the meeting to order at 11:30 am. He then asked Mrs. Rachel Ray-Hamaie to call the roll. He noted that Mr. Ellen, Mrs. Emery, Mr. Lee, and Sen. Leatherman had an excused absence. Mr. Jackson then noted for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and a quorum was present.


Mr. Jackson brought the minutes of the November 11, 2005 Board Meeting to the Board for approval. Mr. Robert Williams made a motion that the minutes be approved, and the motion was seconded by Mrs. Gail Richardson. The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.


Academic Affairs and Accreditation Committee:


Mrs. Trish Hartung brought a recommendation from the committee to the Board for approval of Resolution 01-06, Resolution for the Naming of the FMU Arboretum. The Arboretum will be named after Dr. Lawrence F. Swails. Mr. Robert Williams seconded the motion. The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board.


Mrs. Hartung stated that the committee heard a report from Dr. Ken Autrey, the faculty chair, stating that FMU is preparing to offer a new curriculum for the preparation of teachers of Middle School Education. Mrs. Hartung then reported that Francis Marion University’s enrollment is up to 3149 students for the fall. She also reported that this year’s freshman applications exceeded last year’s applications. She then reported that Francis Marion University entertained 12 guidance counselors from Puerto Rico and Canada on campus who were more impressed with FMU than with any other South Carolina campus. Mrs. Hartung also stated that the committee heard a report from Dr. John Hester. He reported on accreditation and the Center for the Child, a future project. 


Development and Alumni Committee:


Mr. Hal Campbell reported that the Capital Campaign Project which had a fundraising goal of twelve million dollars to date has raise thirty one million dollars. He stated that ten million of these dollars were donated by Bruce and Lee for the building of the Performing Arts Center. He then told of a new position and employee, Brandy Love, who will be the new Director of Annual Giving. He also stated that the Francis Marion University Golf Tournament will occur on March 17, 2006 of this year. 


Mr. Campbell then introduced Mr. Jay Dowd who spoke on the Non-Profit Institute. He stated that on Friday, March 3 the first Alumni Program of the Non-Profit Institute will occur. The morning panel titled Entrepreneurship and Non-profits will be presented by Dr. Virginia Ulrich. The afternoon session will be a public policy format presented by Senator Hugh Leatherman and Senator Gerald Malloy. Mr. Dowd stated he anticipated the number of participants to be between twenty five and thirty. 


Mr. Campbell then introduced Ms. Libby Cooper. Mrs. Cooper introduced the new Alumni Director, Mrs. Brandie Hayes, who graduated Francis Marion University in Marketing in 2001. Mrs. Cooper then outlined Mrs. Hayes’ resume history and qualifications. Mrs. Libby Cooper then introduced Mr. Julian Young, the new Assistant Director of Enrollment Management and the President of the Alumni Association. He is a Florence native and a 1976 graduate of Francis Marion University. She then briefly discussed Mr. Young’s education, employment background, and qualifications.


Mr. Campbell then stated that the committee received a report from Mrs. Brandie Hayes on the Alumni Association and the Student Alumni Association. He stated that this association meets regularly and currently is focusing on a tutoring and mentoring after school programs at local schools. Mr. Campbell also stated that Mrs. Hayes is working on a strategic plan for the Alumni Association.  He also stated that Mr. Young will be heading a new program to recruit Francis Marion Alumni to recruit new students to Francis Marion University. 


Executive Affairs Committee:


Mr. Jackson stated that the committee met and primarily discussed the time table and received updates on the building project. No action was taken.



Financial Affairs and Facilities Committee:


Mr. William W. Coleman brought a recommendation from the committee to the Board for approval of Resolution 02-06, Resolution for the naming of the Elizabeth Williamson Barnes Clinical Laboratory. She was a nurse at Bruce Hospital from 1975, who later became the Vice President of Nursing for Bruce Hospital System until she died September 15, 1990. Mr. William Coleman presented the motion to approve the resolution. Mr. Franklin Elmore seconded the motion. The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board.


Mr. William W. Coleman then brought a recommendation from the committee to the Board for the approval of Resolution 03-06, Resolution for Adjustment of Housing and Dining Services Fees. He stated that this resolution will increase the current housing cost by ten percent and the current meal plan by four percent.  Mr. Williams seconded the motion. The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board. 


Mr. William W. Coleman then brought a recommendation from the committee to the Board for the approval of Resolution 04-06, Resolution for the Development of a Center for the Performing Arts.  He stated that this resolution will allow the University to enter into a contract with the City of Florence. He also stated that this resolution will allow the university to loan the money to the Foundation invest  while awaiting the building of the new Center for the Performing Arts.  The motion was seconded by Mrs. Gail Richardson. The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board. 


Mr. William W. Coleman then highlighted the Budget Summary. He stated that approximately forty percent of the budget is from state appropriations. He then said that the base budget is very similar to last year. He stated that approximately fifty-five percent of the budget is derived from student fees. Mr. Coleman stated that enrollment increases have helped. The university has created twelve new faculty positions and currently has 64 nursing students in the new nursing program with 80 projected for next year.


Mr. William W. Coleman then asked Mr. Jay Kispert to present. Mr. Kispert reported that of the deferred maintenances budget, of $1,395,594 from the Life Sciences Bill, Dr. Carter approved $1,100,000 for maintenance with $100,000 held for contingency maintenance. He reported that a large portion of these monies are going towards renovation, repair and replacement of the heating and air systems on campus, especially the Student Center, Erving Dining Hall, and the Fine Arts Center as well as the renovation of the McNair Auditorium.  President Carter asked that Mr. Kispert speak of the necessary renovation of the indoor pool.  Mr. Kispert reported that the structure of the drop-down ceiling is deteriorating due to the chemicals necessary to the upkeep the pool. He stated that Clemson engineering is currently conducting an assessment of the renovation cost.  He reported that once this estimate and assessment is completed by the engineers the university will know the amount and cost of necessary renovations. 


Addition to the Development and Alumni Report


Mr. Hal Campbell asked to add an item to his report. He had forgotten to mention that Homecoming will occur this year on February 25th.



Student Affairs and Athletics Committee:


Mr. Frank Elmore noted that the Student Government Association, whose president is Tamika Hudgens, has twenty five senators. He stated that they have funded thirteen large events this year. They are sponsoring a homecoming dance party as well as a king and queen. They are also instituting a peer mentoring program. 


Mr. Frank Elmore noted the athletic department is moving towards compliance to become a NCAA division one school. He reported that the current part time compliance officer, Kit Alenine, will become full time athletic officer to help with the transition. Last semester student athletes averaged a GPA of 2.77 whereas the overall student GPA average was 2.35. 


Mr. Elmore also reported the committee spent time discussing the current speed limit on Highway 76. The committee hopes to reduce the speed limit to 35mph in front of campus because of traffic accidents and subsequent student injuries and deaths having occurred in front of the university in the past years. President Carter stated that he has previously spoken with the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the patrol to ask for the speed limit to be reduced and for the area to be designated as a school zone. 


 President’s Report:


Dr. Carter began by recognizing the new university attorney, Bob Merritt. He then moved on to enrollment, which he stated is 3-4% higher than last year. He thanked Julie Bush and the admissions department for their innovation and success. 


He then noted that of the new faculty for next year there will be twelve new positions and thirteen replacement faculty members. He stated that the faculty hiring process has gone very smoothly this year. He stated that the Board sponsored raises in addition to state raises are a compelling selling point with recruits.


He announced that the university has raised thirty one million dollars in four and a half years through the Capital Campaign.  He noted that most of the renovations and new buildings have been funded through this campaign. In addition, he stated that many of the student scholarships have been funded by the Capital Campaign.   He also announced that the endowment has doubled to nineteen million dollars. 


Dr. Carter noted that the new projects under construction are the Student Activities Center and the Nursing Building, which are rapidly taking shape. Projected projects over the next few years include the possible expansion of The Villas with 250 more beds,   the Center for the Child, and the Performing Arts Center. He stated that Francis Marion University is currently in the process of selecting a childcare vendor for the Center for the Child.  The Performing Arts center has been partially funded by Bruce and Lee, with a contribution of ten million over five years, Senator Leatherman , with one million, and the City of Florence, covering one half of all operating costs. The president noted the Performing Arts Center will also be an instructional building for theatre and music programs. The president also reminded the Board of the two Bond Bill priorities of the Business and Education building and the renovation of Founder’s Hall.


In closing the president stated he was happy and proud to see that the faculty and Board of Trustee members have built substantial rapport over the years having both strong personal and professional relationships.


Unfinished Business


No unfinished business


New Business


No new business


Executive Session


No action was taken during the Executive Session.


Mr. Jackson reconvened the public Board meeting stating that a motion was to be presented. Mr. Franklin Elmore presented a motion to authorize the Board of Trustee to extend the contract of President Luther F. Carter to 2015 as well as to amend wording related to the betterment fund. The motion was seconded by Mr. Robert Williams. The motion was unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees. 


Immediately after the executive session was ended, the Board Meeting was adjourned at 12:30 pm.



Respectfully Submitted





Carolyn Beasley Shortt


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