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August 7, 2006
August 7, 2006





Wampee Conference Center

Pinopolis, South Carolina

Monday, August 7, 2006 – 11:05 am – 11:17 am



Presiding:                                                        Present:

Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson                            Mrs. Teresa C. Anderson

Chairman                                                       Mr. T. Hal Campbell

                                                            Mr. William W. Coleman, Jr.

                                                      Mr. L. Franklin Elmore

                                                                        Mrs. Patricia C. Hartung

                                                                 Mr. Alex Kiriakides, III

                                                                        Mr. Robert E. Lee (by phone)

Mr. George C. McIntyre

Mrs. Gail N. Richardson

                                                                        Mrs. Carolyn Beasley Shortt (by phone)




Others Present:

Dr. Ken Autrey, Chair of the Faculty

Mr. Garry Ballard, Executive Director of Communications Services

Mrs. Shireese Bell, Florence Morning News

Mr. Keith Best, Vice-Chair of the Faculty

Mr. Darryl Bridges, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Fred Carter, President

Dr. Richard Chapman, Provost

Mrs. Libby Cooper, Director of Community Relations

Mrs. Kim Davis, Human Resources Assistant – Employment

Mr. Jay Dowd, Vice President for Development/Executive Director of FMU Foundation

Mr. Daniel Dukes, Legislative Liaison

Dr. Rebecca Flannagan, Secretary of the Faculty for 2005-2006

Mrs. Rachel Hamaie, Executive Assistant to the President

Mrs. Brandie Hayes, Director of Alumni Affairs

Mr. Jay Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs

Mr. Bob Merritt, University Attorney

Dr. Duane Myers, Professor of History

Dr. Charlene Wages, Vice President for Administration










Mr. Ken Jackson, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 11:05 am. Mr. Jackson noted for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and a quorum was present. Mr. Jackson then asked Mrs. Rachel Hamaie to call the roll. 


Mr. Jackson then brought the minutes of the June 2, 2006 Board Meeting to the Board for approval. Mr. Frank Elmore made a motion that the minutes be approved. Mrs. Patricia Hartung seconded the motion. The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.


Pending Resolutions:


Mrs. Hartung presented Resolution 10-06, Approving the Francis Marion University Bachelor of Science in Middle Level Education Program, to the Board for approval. Mrs. Hartung stated that this resolution was presented at the recommendation of the Academic Affairs and Accreditation Committee. She also stated that this resolution is in compliance with a requirement of the South Carolina Department of Education. Mrs. Hartung made a motion that the resolution be approved. Mrs. Gail Richardson seconded the motion. The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board.


Mr. W. Coleman presented Resolution 11-06, Construction of Phase II Forest Villas Apartments, to the Board for approval. Mr. Coleman made a motion that the resolution be approved. Mr. Elmore seconded the motion. The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board.


Mr. Coleman presented Resolution 12-06, Conveyance of City of Florence and McLeod Health Properties, to the Board for approval. Mr. Coleman stated that the new Performing Arts Center will be built upon the property concerned in this resolution. Mr. Coleman made a motion that the resolution be approved. Mrs. Richardson seconded the motion. The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board.


President’s Report:


Dr. Carter began his report by saying that during the meetings and discussion sessions at Wampee on August 6th and 7th most of the time had been spent developing the three themes that truly underscore the nature of Francis Marion University. First, there was discussion of how the University connects with the Florence Community with programs such as the Center for the Child and the Center of Excellence. Both of these programs help with the early and secondary education of children and further the nature of the University’s collaborative structure with the school districts. Also Dr. Rebecca Flannagan and Dr. Ken Autrey reported on the Swamp Fox Writing Project and the Pee Dee Fiction Festival as well as professional writing efforts to assist and further support the community literacy across the region.  In addition the Provost spoke about several entrepreneurial programs to encourage FMU students’ involvement with and assimilation into the business environment across the Pee Dee.   


Then, Dr. Carter outlined important points of the second theme: Building the University. Francis Marion University has expanded substantially over the past few years.  This year the University is undertaking the development of the Center for the Child, a new phase of Villas, and it will break ground on the Performing Arts Center. The facility will likely be completed within eighteen months.


Lastly, Dr. Carter touched on the third theme of the Wampee Retreat: Educating the Community. Both of the first two themes underscore the third theme, that which the university does best, educating our region. Once again we find we are in the enviable position of providing the best education for the best price in South Carolina. Dr. Carter stated that he does not expect our commitment to this last theme to ever change.


Other Business:


No other business.



Mr. Jackson thanked the Board members and staff for coming to Wampee for the meeting.  He also thanked everyone for their hard work.  Mr. Jackson adjourned the meeting at 11:17 am.






Respectfully Submitted,





Carolyn Beasley Shortt






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