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November 17, 2006



Francis Marion University

President’s Board Room, Stokes Administration Building

Friday, November 17, 2006 – 11:32 am – 12:04pm


Presiding:                                                                      Present:


Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson                                  Mrs. Teresa C. Anderson

Chairman                                                          Mr. William W. Coleman, Jr.

Dr. H. Randall Dozier

                                                                        Mrs. Melissa J. Emery

                                                                        Mr. Edward S. Ervin, III

                                                                            Member Emeritus

                                                                        Mr. Alex Kiriakides, III

                                                                        Senator Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr.

                                                                            Member Emeritus

                                                                        Mr. Robert E. Lee

Mr. George C. McIntyre

                                                                        Mrs. Gail Ness Richardson

                                                                        Mrs. Carolyn Beasley Shortt

                                                                        Mr. W. C. Stanton

                                                                        Mr. Robert Williams, Jr.


Others Present:

Ms. Kathy Andrews, Director of Publications and Marketing

Mrs. Shireese Bell, Morning News

Mr. Darryl Bridges, Vice President for Student Affairs

Ms. Julie Bush, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management

Dr. Fred Carter, President

Dr. Richard Chapman, Provost

Mrs. Elizabeth I. Cooper, Director of Community Relations

Dr. David Cowles, English Professor

Mrs. Kim Davis, Assistant Director of Institutional Research & Human Resources Assistant

Mr. Jay Dowd, Vice President for Development/Executive Director of FMU Foundation

Mr. Daniel Dukes, Legislative Liaison

Mrs. Rachel Hamaie, Executive Assistant to the President

Mr. Murray Hartzler, Director of Athletics

Mr. Michael Hawkins, Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations and Marketing

Mrs. Brandie Hayes, Director of Alumni Affairs

Mr. Jay Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs

Dr. Ken Kitts, Associate Provost

Mr. Bob Merritt, University Attorney

Mrs. Teresa Ramey, Dean of Students

Dr. Charlene Wages, Vice President for Administration





Mr. Kenneth Jackson called the meeting to order at 11:32 am. He then asked Mrs. Rachel Hamaie to call the roll. Mr. Jackson noted for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and a quorum was present.


Mr. Jackson presented the minutes of the August 7, 2006 Board Meeting to the Board for approval. Mr. W. Coleman made a motion that the minutes be approved. The motion was seconded by Mr. Robert Williams. The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.


Academic Affairs and Accreditation Committee:


Dr. Randall Dozier stated that Dr. David Cowles, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate, presented a report to the committee indicating that faculty morale is high and that the faculty are extremely appreciative of the adjustments in the teaching schedule that will allow professors more time for research and writing. Also, Dr. Cowles described the success of the Pee Dee Fiction Festival that began this year and will continue as an annual event. In addition, in a recent survey Francis Marion University was rated very highly for the faculty’s accessibility to students.


Dr. Dozier then outlined an enrollment report given by Ms. Julie Bush, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management. The number of applications received continues to increase; with changes in admissions standards, the University is becoming more selective and the percentage of applicants accepted has declined. During Fall 2006, on-campus housing was at almost 100% occupancy. In January 2007, housing is projected to be at 92% of capacity. Fall Commencement will occur on December 16, 2006. At the moment 183 undergraduate students and 39 graduate students are expected to receive their degrees.


He then summarized the Provost’s Report. Dr. Scott Kauffman, Associate Professor of History, has published four books since coming to Francis Marion University six years ago. Also, the School of Education’s partnership with 21 schools in the area through the Teacher Cadet Program is very successful.


Dr. Dozier stated that Dr. Larry Nelson, Chair of the Department of History, described the Quality Enhancement Plan that the University is developing as a part of the SACS accreditation effort. The Quality Enhancement Plan or QEP will involve many departments and programs and will allow students to apply their knowledge and skills outside the classroom prior to the completion of their degrees. 


Development and Alumni Committee:



Mr. Williams first summarized the Development report. The annual audit of the Foundation was conducted by DeLoach and Williamson. The audit reported the Foundation’s total liabilities and net assets as of June 30, 2006 were $15,557,432.


A Scholarship Reception for donors and students who received scholarships was held on November 2nd. More that 150 students and donors attended. Three students gave remarks and thanked the donors for what they have made possible for them. 


Next, the Campaign for Excellence continues to be successful. The staff and volunteer leadership are working with prospects that have not contributed to date and will maximize its resources for a successful completion. To date, the Campaign has received over $34,400,000.


This year’s Non Profit Leadership Institute class has 35 participants. Fifty-three percent of the class is from outside the Pee Dee area. The University is expanding marketing and recruiting efforts through the website, speaking engagements, and events.


Joining the Board last night were members of the Francis Marion Society. This is a membership based organization that was put together for the purpose of generating some unrestricted dollars and providing an opportunity to foster an already strong town/gown relationship. Currently there are 36 members.


 Mr. Williams then summarized the Alumni report. At the Sigma Epsilon Reunion in September over 40 alumni came back to Florence.  


Over twenty alumni baseball players joined the baseball staff and current team for a weekend in Florence in early October. The weekend included a Friday night social, golf on Saturday, and an alumni baseball game on Sunday. 


The Admissions and Alumni offices joined forces for two formal Alumni-in-Admissions receptions in Columbia and Charleston designed to allow prospective students and their parents to come together at an informal setting where they can have one-on-one conversations with faculty, staff, admissions counselors, and alumni.


The Alumni Office held two departmental alumni events this fall. The first was held on October 12, 2006, for the graduates of the Psychology Department. The second departmental event was held this week on November 14, 2006, for the graduates of the Biology Department. 


The theme for Homecoming 2007 will be “Let’s Go Back. The Schools of Business and Education are planning special alumni events for their graduates. 


The first annual Alumni Board of Directors planning meeting was held in August and included a day-long planning session at the Lynches River State Park. The day was facilitated by FMU graduate and Professor of Marketing, Dr. Mary Dittman.


The Student Alumni Association has had a semester of major growth. At each of the monthly meetings there were over seventy students in attendance.


Executive Affairs Committee:



Mr. Jackson presented a resolution for consideration that is to be voted on during the February 2007 Quarterly Board Meeting. The Executive Affairs Committee recommended this resolution, presented by President Carter, to name the Center for the Child after Mrs. Gail and Mr. Terry Richardson. 


Financial Affairs and Facilities Committee:



Mr. Robert Lee began by giving highlights from the financial statement. There is a $65,000 increase in revenue as a result of increased enrollment. Expenditures for the year are less than projected. As a result of the increase in enrollment, there has been an increase in the number of Full Time Equivalents. In addition two new grants have been added. These are the Academic Conference Grant and the National Smart Grant which are tied to Pell Grant recipients and awarded on academic performance. 


The University was audited this year and received an unqualified opinion, which states that all financial statements were presented fairly and in compliance with standards. Francis Marion University’s thirteen grant programs were also audited and received clean reports. 


The architectural firm for the Center for the Child, Liollio Architecture located in Mt. Pleasant, has been selected. A number of focus group meetings were held to determine space and program requirements. The capacity for the Center will be 100 children from various age groups. The initial plans that were approved provide for 14,800 square feet. The anticipated opening date is January 2008. 


The Villas Phase II site work will begin shortly with a completion date of August 2007. This will add two new buildings and 192 beds. This project is to be funded by twelve million dollars in Student Housing Revenue Bonds that were approved by the Budget and Control Board on November 14, 2006. These will close on December 7, 2006.


The McNair Science Building Auditorium Renovation, which will cost $350,000, will take place in the summer of 2007. This renovation will close the auditorium for two months. This will be the last of the major auditorium renovations on campus. 





Student Affairs and Athletics Committee:


Mrs. Richardson reported that the Student Affairs and Athletic Committee heard reports from three people, Ms. Teresa Ramey, Mr. Darryl Bridges and Mr. Murray Hartzler. There were two hundred volunteers for this year’s New Student Move In, serving approximately 500 new students.


 There were 12 major events as part of Student Life. One,  a performance by Dr. Jim Wand a stage hypnotist, had over one thousand in attendance. Currently there are sixty student organizations including some new ones such as the new spirit group “The Riot” and the Circle K, the collegiate Kiwanis program. This year’s job fair was the largest ever held at Francis Marion University.


 The office of counseling and testing has been busy with student orientation this Fall. In addition the number of students requesting disability services has increased to 47 students from 33 last Fall. Two hundred students took advantage of the flu and meningitis vaccination clinic. There have also been several workshops conducted such as seminars for Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment and My Space.


There are 260 students involved in Greek life. There are 25 SGA senators and new officers have been elected into SGA. 


Mr. Kevin Varnado, who was the Assistant Soccer Coach, is now the Head Soccer Coach. Mr. Hartzler has stepped down as head soccer coach to focus on the Division I move. Men’s and Women’s cross country teams as well soccer teams have had a very successful season. Both the soccer and golf teams are already playing Division I teams. 


President’s Report:


Dr. Carter began by reiterating that enrollment is up, faculty instruction continues to be superb, private funds continue to roll in, construction of University facilities is progressing at a feverish pace and the General Assembly still smiles on the University every year. 


He then thanked the Board for entertaining the idea to name the Center of the Child for Mrs. Gail and Mr. Terry Richardson. This recommendation is being brought under the category of public service, not under the category of service to Francis Marion University though clearly either is applicable. The reason for this is the terrific advocacy role Mr. and Mrs. Richardson have played in championing early childhood education and children’s issues in South Carolina for decades. One can only hope that the Center for the Child can continue the fervent advocacy that the Richardsons have maintained in terms of interaction for and about children across the state. 


Dr Carter then spoke about the Pee Dee Fiction Festival this year at Francis Marion University. This was enjoyable and important not only because of the wonderful authors on campus such as Andre Dubus who wrote The House of Sand and Fog, Ellen Gilchrist who wrote Annunciation and Victory over Japan , and Dinah Johnson a wonderful children’s author, but because of the interaction with these authors, students, alumni, community, and faculty.   


Over the last two days there have been a series of community meetings about the Performing Arts Center. The theme that has come to the forefront in each of these groups after discussing their hopes and wishes for the Center is that each group trusts that the University will build the best Performing Arts Center to meet the needs of the community. It is wonderful to hear this trust repeated, demonstrating the legacy Francis Marion University has established in this community over the last 35 years. Currently this Board, faculty, and staff are the guardians of this legacy that has been developed by past generations. 



Unfinished Business


No unfinished business


New Business


No new business


Executive Session


No Executive Session


Mr. Jackson reminded the Board members of the lunch following that meeting with the Non-Profit Leadership Institute. He also reminded the Board of Fall Commencement on December 16, 2006. He announced the appointment of a nominating committee for next year’s officers. Mr. Hal Campbell and Mr. Bill Ellen will be a part of this committee which will be chaired by Mrs. Richardson. The Board Meeting was adjourned at 12:04 pm.



Respectfully Submitted





Carolyn Beasley Shortt


Last Published: February 2, 2007 2:20 PM
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