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November 21, 2003

Francis Marion University
The Cottage, Hendrick Dining Room
Friday, November 21, 2003 – 11:30 am – 12:12 pm

Mrs. Gail Ness Richardson, Chair

Mrs. Teresa C. Anderson
Mr. James A. Brown, Jr.
Mr. William W. Coleman, Jr.
Dr. H. Randall Dozier
Mr. William M. Ellen
Mr. L. Franklin Elmore
Mrs. Melissa Johnson Emery
Mrs. Patricia C. Hartung
Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson
Mr. George C. McIntyre
Mrs. Carolyn B. Shortt
Mr. W. C. Stanton
Mr. Robert W. Williams, Jr.

Others Present
Mr. Garry L. Ballard, Executive Director of Communications Services
Mrs. Janet R. Braddock, Executive Assistant to the President
Mr. Darryl Bridges, Assistant Vice President for Student Development
Ms. Julie Bush, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
Dr. Fred Carter, President
Dr. Richard Chapman, Provost
Mrs. Elizabeth I. Cooper, Director of Community Relations
Ms. Angela Crosland, Reporter, Morning News
Mrs. Kim Davis, Human Resources Assistant – Employment
Mr. Larry Falck, Multi-Media Specialist
Mr. Scott Faulkenberry, Executive Director University Development and FMU Foundation
Dr. Gary W. Hanson, Vice President for Administration
Mr. Murray Hartzler, Director of Athletics and Men’s Soccer Coach
Dr. Joseph E. Heyward, Vice President for Student Affairs
Mr. Todd Hudak, News Editor/Writer
Mr. John J. Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs
Dr. Kenneth D. Kitts, Associate Provost
Mrs. Kelly Sellers, Director of Alumni Affairs
Dr. Charlene Wages, Chairperson of the Faculty
Mr. Brad Wofford, Director of Media Center

Mrs. Gail Richardson called the meeting to order at 11:30 am. She noted for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with requirements of the Freedom of Information Act. Mrs. Richardson also noted that a quorum is present. Mrs. Richardson stated that Senator Hugh Leatherman and Representative Thomas Keegan send their regrets that they are unable to attend the meeting. She stated that Representative Keegan is in Athens, Greece. Mrs. Richardson also noted that Mr. Kiriakides, Dr. Knight, and Mr. Lee also have excused absences. Mrs. Richardson then asked Mrs. Jan Braddock to call the roll. Mrs. Richardson brought the minutes of the July 18, 2003, meeting to the Board for approval. Mr. Williams made a motion that the minutes be approved as written. The motion received a second by Mr. Coleman. The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.

Academic Affairs and Shared Governance
Mrs. Trish Hartung reported that the committee heard a report from the Chair of the Faculty stating that the Fall 2003 semester is going very well. Mrs. Hartung also said she is proud to report that Dr. Charlene Wages has been appointed by Governor Sanford to the Advisory Committee to Study the Goals of the Commission on Women. Mrs. Hartung said that the committee also heard a report from the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, Ms. Julie Bush. Ms. Bush reported that, for the first time since 1998, undergraduate enrollment has surpassed 3000. Ms. Bush also reported that the use of the electronic enrollment system continues to increase. In addition, the Admissions web site has been recently updated. Ms. Bush reported to the committee that the Financial Assistance Office awarded $12,494,000 for the Fall 2003 semester. Pre-registration for 2004 has been very successful, with applications for new freshmen increasing by 12% and total applications increasing by 13.9%. Mrs. Hartung stated that the committee heard a report that the faculty members in the History department have been very active in presentations. Also, usage of the Rogers Library has increased, with this increase being partly due to the new Progressive Energy Technology Center, which is now housed in the library. Mrs. Hartung also noted that the committee heard a report from Mr. Larry Anderson, Chair of the Fine Arts Department, concerning the accreditation process that the Fine Arts Department is currently going through. It is a five year cycle, and a little different from other accreditation processes in that the Fine Arts Department sets their own standards and are rated according to those standards. Mr. Anderson also reported that the majority of students in the Fine Arts Department are majoring in graphic design.

Alumni Affairs Committee
Mr. Stanton reported that during the fall the Alumni Office sponsored numerous events to encourage increased participation of alumni at Francis Marion University. These events included alumni receptions in Charleston, Darlington, Charlotte, Greenville, Columbia, Laurens, and Sumter. The Charleston reception was well attended by alumni, faculty, admissions staff, and senior staff. The reception in Darlington was held at the Darlington Raceway and was spearheaded by an alumnus of Francis Marion who works at the raceway. For the second time, an alumni reception was held in Charlotte and was well attended. An alumni reception was also held in Columbia, and Mr. Stanton thanked Mr. Bill Ellen for hosting that event. Mr. Stanton also thanked Mrs. Carolyn Shortt for arranging the first alumni reception held in Laurens. Mr. Stanton stated that upcoming alumni events are as follows: 1. On February 4, 2004, Alumni Night will be held at the Florence Civic Center with Francis Marion playing USC Aiken. There will be an alumni reception following the event. 2. On February 19, 2004, the Alumni Appreciation Dinner will be held. At the dinner, awards will be given to the 2004 Outstanding Alumnus, Young Alumnus, and Alumni Volunteer. Former presidents of the Alumni Association select these awards. 3. On February 28, 2004, Homecoming events will be held at Francis Marion. 4. A new trip to Ireland is being offered to interested alumni and Friends of FMU. The ten-day trip is planned for July 2004. Mr. Stanton then reported that on September 17, 2003, the Alumni Advisory Board met and established goals for 2004. Also, the Alumni Association has a two night phone-a- thon, during which ninety alumni joined the Alumni Association. Mr. Stanton stated that The Cottage had its grand opening in mid-September and has been well received by alumni, faculty, staff, and the community. A letter and brochure were mailed to all alumni in the Florence, Darlington, and Marion counties and all members of the Alumni Association to announce the new facility. Events have been booked through May 2004. This includes 58 campus events in the meeting rooms, 30 nights in the guest suites, and 10 reservations for the entire facility. Off campus individuals or groups have booked 16 reservations for The Cottage. Mr. Stanton then noted that the Past Presidents Council, made up of former presidents of the FMU Alumni Association, met on November 12, 2003, to select the 2004 Outstanding Alumnus. The Council voted to select Mr. Hal Campbell as the Outstanding Alumnus. Mr. Campbell is the president and CEO of ACS Technologies. His company employs over 300 people, of which 140 are FMU alumni. The Alumni Advisory Board will select the Young Alumnus for 2004. Alumni Association Officers and the staff of the Alumni Office will select the Alumni Volunteer of the Year. A copy of the Alumni Association Resource Guide was distributed to each Board Member at the conclusion of the report.

Executive Affairs Committee
No report was given.

Financial Affairs and Responsibility Committee
Mr. McIntyre first thanked Mr. Kispert for a very detailed and informative presentation to the committee. He also reported that the committee unanimously approved to bring before the Board two resolutions. The first is #06-03, Resolution for Salary Adjustment Due to Increase in State Health Insurance Rates. Mr. McIntyre stated that increased enrollment and vacant positions that have not been filled allows the University to be in a position to implement this increase. Mr. McIntyre stated that both points are directly related to the hard work of the employees. Mr. McIntyre brought the resolution to the Board for approval. Mr. Williams made a motion for approval. Mr. Brown seconded the motion. The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board. The second resolution is #07-03, Resolution for the Lease of Ground and Facilities to the Francis Marion University Real Estate Foundation. This is the next step in the incremental process of moving our existing housing and projected new housing to privatization. There is a target date of January 1, 2004, to begin construction of the new housing facility. Mr. McIntyre brought the resolution to the Board for approval. Mr. Williams made a motion to approve the resolution. Mrs. Shortt seconded the motion. The resolution received unanimous approval by the Board. Mr. McIntyre then stated that the committee reviewed the quarterly budget summary. Mr. McIntyre noted that there has been an increase in revenue due to increased enrollment and unfilled positions. After taking into account the resolution just approved for salary increases, a sequestering of 1% of state funds, and an adjustment in the summer school faculty pay scale, the University has approximately $200,000 in excess revenue. Mr. McIntyre also reported that the University has received the results of its annual audit. The University received an unqualified audit opinion. This audit included the general fund, operating fund, and federal programs.

Planning and Accreditation Committee
Mrs. Anderson reported that, in the absence of Dr. Ron Faulkenberry, Dr. Wayne Pruitt gave the committee a report on the upcoming NCATE visit. Dr. Pruitt reported that work has been going on for about three years in preparation for an on-site visit from NCATE, which will take place in October 2004. Dr. Pruitt did indicate that the School of Education does expect to be re-accredited. The NCATE standards have changed somewhat in that they are more data driven. Mrs. Anderson stated that the College of Liberal Arts is working on its Strategic Plan. There will be an on-line survey early next year to determine what is most important in that document. This is one of three plans that will be rolled up into one to be adopted in Spring 2004.

Student Affairs and Athletics Committee
Mr. Coleman reported that the Student Government Association now has 30 senators. He also stated that Mr. Murray Hartzler gave a report on the athletic department’s process of evaluating the coaches. Mr. Hartzler stated that areas such as recruitment, academics, and retention are considered in coached evaluations. Mr. Hartzler also stated that athletic fund raising is still going well. Mr. Coleman stated that Dr. Joe Heyward and Mr. Darryl Bridges gave a report on the student affairs area. There are 50 international students with either J1 or F1 visas. The University now has 57 registered student organizations on campus. In reference to student housing, there are 1,132 residents for Fall 2003. As of November 10, offers have been made to 1,012 students for Spring 2004, which includes 984 current or returning students and 28 new persons from the waiting list. In Health Services, they have had great success in giving flu vaccines and meningitis vaccines. Mr. Coleman concluded by thanking the Morning News for giving Francis Marion University athletics such great coverage.

University Development Committee
Mr. Brown reported that the capital campaign currently has $10.7 million in cash and signed commitments. There are 8 verbal commitments totaling $739,000. This is a total of $11.5 million, equaling 95% of the goal. Mr. Brown also stated that Mr. Scott Faulkenberry presented brochures on The Cottage and the marketing plan to promote the new facility to the committee. Prior to the President’s Report, Mrs. Richardson recognized Dr. Carter for his recent award of South Carolina Public Servant of the Year from the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce. She also showed a wonderful video that the chamber had compiled for the award ceremony showing Dr. Carter’s outstanding academic and political achievements.

President’s Report
Dr. Carter began by thanking the Board for allowing him the opportunity to serve as Chief of Staff to the Governor and for the support they have shown him during that time. He also thanked the senior staff for the superb job they have done in carrying on the business of the University while he was serving in Columbia. Dr. Carter reiterated previous reports that the increase in enrollment and unfilled positions has given the University excess in revenue. He also stated that because enrollment is increasing, it might become essential to fill some of the positions that have remained vacant. Dr. Carter also stated that applications to the University remain strong both in quantity and quality. Dr. Carter noted how beautiful the new Cottage turned out. He thanked Mr. Jay Kispert, Mrs. Libby Cooper, and Mrs. Cathy Swartz for the wonderful job they did with the design and decorating of The Cottage. Dr. Carter then mentioned the new student housing that would be built soon. He stated that this is part of an effort to put a new look to the campus, while retaining our superb academic mission. Dr. Carter then stated that the Board members are invited to all of the upcoming Christmas events and should make plans to attend if possible.

Unfinished Business
No unfinished business.

New Business
Mr. Williams stated that he and several other Board members would be up for re-election soon. He thanked the Board for their support during his term of service. He also encouraged Board members to continue to support the University even if they are not elected to the Board for another term. Mrs. Richardson then stated that she had gone with Mrs. Shortt to a one-day conference called “Agenda for Higher Education.” She noted that there will be a study coming out soon on this same topic and encouraged the Board members to review it when it is published.

Executive Session
No executive session needed.

Mrs. Richardson adjourned the meeting at 12:12 pm. 

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