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Operation ID

Operation I.D.
Operation I.D.

Operation Identification (I.D.)


In an effort to reduce theft, recover stolen property, and return recovered property to its owner, Campus Police developed Operation Identification or Op - I.D.


Under this program you can give Campus Police information regarding your personal property, other than bicycles, via E-Mail. This information will be entered into a database maintained by the Campus Police and held for future reference. Should any of your listed property be stolen or lost, a record of the make, model, color and serial number will be on file which will help in our recovery efforts and in the return of your property. Simply fill out the form below.  Please complete one form for each piece of property.


 If you prefer paper and pen, there are forms available in the Campus Police Office that you can take, fill out and return.


If the property you wish to enter does not have a serial number, Campus Police will provide engraving tools so you can apply an owner specific number to the item.  We will work with you to mark your property.


For bicycles, please come by Campus Police and we will register your bike for you.


If you need help or have any questions, please call Sergeant McAllister (843) 661-1107 or email her at tmcallister@fmarion.edu.

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Last Published: May 31, 2017 2:06 PM
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