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Payroll Procedures



All University employees are paid on a semi-monthly payroll system.   Pay dates are the 15th day of the month and the last day of the month.  The South Carolina Code of Laws Section 8-11-30 prohibits the payment in advance of earnings prior to actual performance of job duties in accordance with pay dates as approved by the Budget and Control Board.


Time cards must be signed by both the student and his supervisor; incomplete or unsigned time cards will not be accepted.  Time cards may be obtained from the Financial Assistance Office.  Time cards must be delivered to the Financial Assistance Office either by the supervisor or by a faculty secretary by noon on Mondays according to the published schedule for hours worked the preceding weeks.

The Francis Marion University Student minimum pay rate is $7.25 per hour for Federal work study and for Non-Federal Work Study.  If the rate of pay is other than the standard rate, the rate should be indicated on the time card.  If no rate is indicated, the student will be paid the standard rate.   Rates are in accordance with approved Federal regulations and University policies.   The Payroll Office will publish a list of the semi-monthly pay dates for each year.

It will be the responsibility of the Financial Assistance Office to consolidate all time cards and forward them to the Payroll Office.  Any time cards received after this time will be processed in the subsequent student payroll.

Students with a change of name or address should fill out a new W-4 in the Financial Assistance Office.  The address on a student's W-4 is used to mail out his or her W-2, and this address is also used to mail out payroll checks (if mailing of checks is requested).  Changing your name or address in the Registrar's Office does not change the same information in the Payroll Office.

Pay checks will be distributed by the Cashier's Office and students will be required to show identification to pick up their checks.  Checks are not released to anyone except the student unless prior arrangements have been made with the Payroll Office. WE DO NOT OFFER DIRECT DEPOSIT FOR STUDENT PAYROLL CHECKS.


Contract time cards are only to be used for students contracted to work for ball games or Art's Alive, or Graduate Assistants.

The time card must be signed by the Supervisor and Department Head.   Time cards must be delivered to the Financial Assistance Office on the same schedule as Regular Student Time Cards; students will also be paid on the same schedule.

Pay checks will be delivered by the Payroll Office to specified offices.

All other procedures that apply to Regular Time Card students apply to Contract Students, including filling out I-9's and W-4's and submitting student work cards to the Financial Assistance Office on time.

Pay checks will be delivered to specified campus locations or deposited to the employee's bank upon request.  Checks are not released to anyone except the employee unless prior arrangements have been made with the Payroll Office.  Unclaimed checks must be returned on the pay date to the Payroll Office.



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Last Published: April 6, 2016 8:48 AM
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