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Policies & Procedures

Catering Services:     The University's official food service contractor is the primary source of catering for official functions. 
  • Catering from outside vendors will not normally be authorized unless the food service contractor cannot provide the requested service.
  • Catering services from outside vendors, when authorized, must be solicited in accordance with the South Carolina Procurement Code.
  • This policy is both a contractual matter and an economic matter since Francis Marion University receives a designated percentage of catering services revenues from the University's food service contractor.       

Consultant Services:     Departments requesting consultant services should submit a purchase requisition that contains the following information:

  • Definition of need
  • Expected results from consultant
  • Specific qualifications the consultant must possess
  • Period services will be needed
  • Selection criteria to be used in judging consultant proposals
  • Number, type and frequency of reports required
  • Payment terms

Employee Services:    Requests for employee services are to be made to the Office of Human Resources.

 Legal and Auditing Services:    

  • Payment for legal services will require prior approval of the State Attorney General's Office.
  • Procurement of certified public accountants and public accountants to perform financial and/or compliance audits are exempt from competition but are subject to approval by the State Auditor's Office.

Photocopying and Duplicating:     Copy machines are located in various locations on campus and are provided with codes for recording departmental copies.   Please contact the Purchasing Office if you have a question regarding departmental copier usage.

(Supplies for Copiers) Paper for departmental copies are requested by calling the Purchasing Office.

Printing Services:     Francis Marion University Publications and Printing Office is the preferred source for all printing requirements.

  • Printing services from outside printers shall be solicited in accordance with the State Printing Manual using the printing specification sheet or forms specifications.
  • Departments requiring printing services from outside sources shall enter a purchase requisition in the purchasing system and forward the appropriate specifications to the Purchasing Office.
  • Required specification sheets or forms specifications may be obtained from the Purchasing Office.

Professional Services:   When professional services are to be obtained under an independent contractual relationship, wherein the University relinquishes the RIGHT to DIRECT or CONTROL the professional in the method of performance or the end results of his/her efforts as defined in IRS regulations, then procurement must be accomplished as directed in the South Carolina Procurement Code and ensuing Regulations.

  • Professionals with fees over $2,500 who are unique in their applicability to University programs may qualify for "sole source" procurement action.  Such determination can only be made by the Vice President for Business Affairs.
  • Proposed contracts, which do not qualify as "sole source" will require competitive bidding.

Repair Services:     Requests for repair services, under normal or non-critical circumstances, will be processed as a routine purchase.

  • Whenever equipment is in need of immediate repair or the repair service is critical to department operations and regular procedures cannot be followed, the department should follow the Confirming Purchases procedures.



Last Published: August 18, 2006 1:02 PM
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