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Policies & Procedures

Purchase Requisition Procedures

Originator Responsibilities:                                   

  • Determines if the purchase will require special facilities need.  (If so, see Equipment Purchases).
  • Completes Purchase Requisition in triplicate, retains the third, and forwards for appropriate signatory approval.  Purchase Requisition order forms are available from the Purchasing Office.
  • Is the designated recipient of delivered goods unless otherwise noted on the requisition.  Storage and/or installation are the responsibility of the originator.

Purchasing Office Responsibilities:

  • Upon receipt of the requisition, verifies that appropriate signatures have been obtained and sufficient funds are available.  Requisitions not properly signed or lacking sufficient funds in the referenced budget will be returned to the originator for required signatures or budget resolution.
  • Determines appropriate solicitation methods and issues a Purchase Order, or obtains competition as appropriate.
  • Sends copy of the Purchase Order to the originator, who verifies it as being consistent with the requisition.  Discrepancies should be immediately brought to the attention of the Purchasing Office.  After verification, the Purchase Order should be retained by the originator, or in a central location as determined by the Department Head for future reference.
  • Forwards a "Receiving Copy" of the Purchase Order with printed completion instructions to the originator.  The Department Head shall verify receipt of goods or services when received and forward the Receiving Copy to the Purchasing Office.  The Department Head may designate a limited number of staff to accomplish this on his/her behalf.  Purchasing will request and maintain a current listing of authorized designees for verification purposes.

Department Head or Designee Responsibilities:

  • Notes the Receiving Copy appropriately and forwards to the Purchasing Office.  Timely and accurate completion of this document is the basis for payment to the vendor.  It is important to forward it as soon as possible.
Last Published: May 15, 2014 9:42 AM
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