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Policies & Procedures

Purchasing Thresholds

Limited Purchase Orders: A five-part form for local supply purchases under $100.00; instructions residing on the reverse of the form.  "Local" is generally defined as Florence mailing addresses.

Purchases up to $2,500.00:  Small purchases not exceeding $2,500 may be made without securing competitive quotations if the prices are considered fair and reasonable.

  •  If the total estimate is close to $2,500 or if the procurement officer feels a better price can be obtained, the order may be informally bid. 
  • Final discretionary authority rests with the procurement officer.  Otherwise, the orders are processed and sent directly to the suggested vendor.

Purchases from $2,500.01 to $10,000.00:  Verbal solicitation of a minimum of three written quotations is required, prior to award.

  • These quotations will be solicited by a procurement officer, or written quotations will be accepted from departments provided the quote accurately addresses the item(s) to be purchased, is signed by the vendor, and includes sufficient information for verification by the Purchasing Office.
  • Quotations provided by departments must contain sufficient information for verification (i.e. vendor name, address, phone number, contact person).  The information may be confirmed by the Purchasing Office prior to award.

Purchases from $10,000.01 to $50,000.00:  Written solicitation of written quotes, bids, or proposals shall be made.

  • The procurement shall be advertised at least once in the South Carolina Business Opportunities publication.  (Quotations will not be accepted from departments.)

Purchases over $50,000 are required to be awarded on the basis of competitive sealed bids/proposals.  Francis Marion is certified  at the following levels:

Goods and Services:            $250,000
Information Technology:       $150,000
Consultant Services:            $150,000
Construction:                      $150,000     

  • This procurement methodology requires advance planning, advertising, public opening of bids/proposals and analysis prior to award of the contract.
  • Departments must allow a minimum of thirty (30) days for these procedures after submitting a purchase requisition.
  • The procurement shall be advertised at least once in the South Carolina Business Opportunities publication.

Purchases over the certification levels listed above must be competitively bid by the State Materials Management Office.

  • Departments must allow a minimum of one hundred (100) days for these purchases after submitting a purchase requisition.




Last Published: May 15, 2014 9:42 AM
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