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Policies & Procedures

Confirming Purchases and PBR's (Payment by Requisition)

Confirming Purchases:    On occasion, it may be necessary to issue a verbal or "confirming" purchase order.  To obtain a confirming purchase order, the department head or delegated representative should contact the Purchasing Office.

The following information will be required prior to issuance of a confirming purchase order:

  • Vendor
  • Amount of purchase
  • Reason for confirming purchase
  • Requestor's name

Purchase requisitions for confirming purchases will be entered in the purchasing system as a "PBR" (pay by requisition).

Pay By Requisition (PBR):     A form of direct payment to a vendor utilizing a completed requisition and corresponding invoice for repairs (less than $2,500.00), memberships, confirming purchases, subscriptions, and personal reimbursements.  The Director of Purchasing or his designee may authorize departmental use of this procedure for repairs or supplies on an as needed basis.


Last Published: August 18, 2006 10:08 AM
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