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Policies & Procedures

Equipment Purchases

Equipment Purchases:  The purchase or acquisition of high value equipment may require in excess of 30 days to process; therefore, it is important to anticipate needs.

  • Printing Equipment:  All procurements of printing equipment in excess of $25,000 require approval of the state's information technology planning office.
  • Equipment-Lease, Lease/Payment, Installment Purchase and Rental:  Acquisition of equipment by any means other than purchase must be fully justified.  (Most purchases in this category require prior approval from General Services or the State Treasurer and involve long lead time; therefore, plan accordingly.)
  • Equipment Trade-in:  Items may be used for trade-in credit when purchasing or leasing new, like items.

Consult with the Director of Facilities Management to insure all requirements can be met prior to requisitioning any equipment:

  • That requires permanent connection to the building or to any building service (electricity, water supply or drain, ventilation, gas, air, steam, etc.)
  • That requires the addition or extension of any building service, including electricity at a different voltage or increase in power available.
  • That requires special cabinetry, support, or housing not acquired as part of the equipment.
  • That requires special environmental conditions, such as control of temperature or humidity.
  • That is particularly large or heavy.
  • That requires any cutting, patching, or building modification.
Last Published: August 23, 2004 4:15 AM
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