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Under some circumstances, traditional methods of purchase may not be applicable or practical.  In those cases, faculty/staff members may opt to expend personal funds for necessary departmental supplies and be reimbursed for cost of those supplies, provided that:

  • Established purchasing methods are not feasible (i.e. purchase order documents or procurement cards are not an option).
  • The reimbursement request relates to departmental supplies only.  Services, travel, or other forms of personal reimbursement will not qualify.
  • The requestor insures their departmental policies or procedures are not violated.
  • The request does not exceed $500.00. (Reimbursements in excess of $500.00 must have prior approval by the Director of Purchasing.)
  • The items do not conflict with established contracts.

Reimbursements should be the last purchasing method considered.   Requests not in compliance will require completion of a Ratification of Unauthorized Procurement form prior to processing.

Reimbursement requests should be submitted on a Purchase Requisition form, appropriately signed, with all supporting documentation attached.  Important:   The name, mailing address and social security number of the person to be reimbursed must be included.

The Purchase Requisition form will be noted "PBR-Reimbursement" and will be forwarded to the Office of Accounting for payment processing.

Last Published: August 9, 2004 11:39 AM
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