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Purchasing Card Program

P-Card Audits Underway!

 Sept. 13, 2011 - The University is currently conducting ten cardholder audits using the following criteria: 

Audit Criteria:

  1. A complete 3-year record of cardholder statements has been retained.
  2. All Cardholder Statements have corresponding receipts, or proof of purchase.
  3. Transactions appear to be for supplies or approved exceptions.
  4. Charges appear to be fair and reasonable.
  5. Transactions appear to be for official University purposes.
  6. Evidence of multiple transactions with a single vendor which evidence splitting purchases.
  7. Cardholders who are also Liaisons have statements approved by the direct supervisor.
  8. New Audit Requirement for Future Audits – Monthly Cardholder statements are approved (signed) by Liaison.

Additional audits will be forthcoming.  Based on initial audit reviews, the Purchasing Office asks that cardholders buy through State Contract when available.  Office Supplies and Toner are of particular note and should be bought through State Contract.  Please contact the Purchasing Office for details at 661-1160.

Last Published: September 14, 2011 9:35 AM
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