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Purchasing Card Program

Cardholder Responsibilities

A Cardholder must adhere to the following:  Ensure the Purchasing Card is used only for legitimate business purposes and adhere to limits and restrictions of the Program Manual. Misuse of the card will subject the Cardholder to disciplinary action in accordance with University Policies and Procedures relating to disciplinary action, up to and including termination for cause.

The card should be maintained in a secure location with the account number carefully guarded. The only person entitled to use the card is the person whose name appears on the face of the card. The card may not be lent to another person for any reason. Use by anyone other than the approved cardholder is strictly prohibited.   The card is not transferable between Cardholders.

1. The Cardholder must not split purchases or use another cardholders card to circumvent S.C. Consolidated Procurement Code competition requirements.

2. The Cardholder must provide, when requested, information about any specific purchase.

3. The Cardholder must adhere to all of the Purchasing Card policy and procedures.

4. The Cardholder must insure that phone and Internet orders are properly identified for delivery.

5. Purchasing Cards used for purchases pertaining to grant funds must be used in compliance with the grant. If not used in adherence, the principal investigator will be held responsible for reimbursement of unallowable purchase. Cards used for grants are issued specific to that grant and budget modifications will not be allowed.

Call Bank of America at 1-800-538-8788 immediately (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) to report lost or stolen cards. A Cardholder must also notify the Program Administrator of a lost or stolen card at the first opportunity.

Obtain all sales slips, register receipts, packing slips, or other related documentation and provide to Departmental Liaison for reconciliation and approval.  A Cardholder must also notify the Departmental Liaison if the budget account number should be changed on an individual transaction.

Return Purchasing Card to Departmental Liaison upon terminating employment with the university or transferring departments within the university. The Department Liaison will return the card to the Program Administrator.

Resolve disputes or billing errors directly with the vendor and prepare and submit the dispute form Appendix-A if the dispute cannot be satisfactorily resolved with the vendor.  The Cardholder and/or Department Liaison must also ensure that an appropriate credit for the reported disputed item(s) or billing error appears on a subsequent Cardholder statement. Under no circumstances should a Cardholder accept cash in lieu of a credit to the card account.

You must purchase items covered on State Contract whenever possible. A most common example of a State Contract item is personal computers. If you have questions concerning State Contract items, contact the Purchasing Office.

Cardholders are encouraged to survey the State of South Carolina Certified Small and Minority (OSMBA) vendor web site for the availability of goods and services prior to making each purchase.   www.oepp.sc.gov/osmba/directory.html

The Card allows for purchase of supplies less than $2,500.

 A partial list of unallowable actions items are listed as follows:

1. The card may not be used for personal purchases.
2. The card may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages or any substance, material, or service, which violates policy, law or regulation pertaining to the university.
3. Registration, airline tickets, hotel fees, meals, car rentals or other travel related expenses.
4. Services (repairs, consultants, temporary employment, freight/delivery charges, etc.)
5. Advertising
6. Maintenance or lease agreements
7. Microwaves, refrigerators, or freezers unless specified for laboratory purchases
8. Personal charges
9. Entertainment and food, florists, etc
10. “1099” reportable, classified as payment to an individual in the normal course of university business.
11. Telephone or utilities charges.

12. Gift Cards, stored value cards, calling cards, pre-paid cards and similar products.

Last Published: May 18, 2017 4:10 PM
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