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Purchasing Card Program

Departmental Liaison Responsibilities

The Department Head must designate one or more Departmental Liaisons in his/her department. A Departmental Liaison may also be liaison for his/her own card, however, if the Departmental Liaison is also a Cardholder, the monthly statement of the liaison/cardholder must be reviewed and signed by the immediate supervisor. The Departmental Liaison must receive training before any individuals in the department receive a Purchasing Card. Responsibilities include:

1. Collecting vendor receipts from Cardholders and reconciling statements.

2.  Signing all cardholder monthly statements signifying review of cardholder statements and receipts.

3. Retaining all charge slips and receipts for audit by internal and external auditors.

4. There must be corresponding documentation for each transaction on the monthly billing statement.

5. Obtain the department head signature on the billing statement if a liaison/cardholder.

6. Approving budget modifications of individual cardholder accounts by sending a completed
Administrator prior to the 15th day of the month. Forms received after the 15th of each month
cannot be processed. It is the responsibility of the Departmental liaison to retain documented
approval for budget modifications outside their departmental budget authority.

6. Identifying transactions requiring the submission of use tax by sending a completed
VENDOR/TAX INFORMATION FORM Appendix-D to the Program Administrator prior to the 15th of each month.

7. Attempting to resolve disputes with vendor and/or Bank of America not resolved by Cardholder.

8. Notifying Card Administrator of any unresolved disputes, noting the reason for dispute. 

9. Notifying Card Administrator of lost or stolen cards or terminated employees.

10. Notifying Card Administrator of additional/new department budget and description.

11. Receipts relevant to federal grant funds must be maintained for 5 years (Policies & Procedures - Grants) and all other receipts for 3 years.


Last Published: September 14, 2011 10:14 AM
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