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Purchasing Card Program

Program Administrator's Responsibilities

The Program Administrator is responsible for the overall card program. Responsibilities include:

1. University liaison with Bank of America.
2. Utilizing software from Bank of America.
3. Reviewing approved applications for completeness.  
4. Submitting completed application and receiving Purchasing Card from Bank of America.
5. Issuing cards.
6. Reviewing Bank of America invoice, approving, and submitting to Accounting for payment.
7. Processing departmental budget charges and out-of state use taxes for submittal to Accounting.
8. Reviewing usage of Purchasing Card data for appropriateness.
9. Training Cardholders and Departmental Liaisons. 
10. Handling disputed charges/ discrepancies unresolved by the Liaison.
11. Securing revoked or cancelled cards and submitting information to Bank of America. 
12. Performing periodic internal audit of the card program.
13. Maintenance of all documentation concerning the program.


Last Published: August 18, 2006 3:57 PM
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