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Telecommunications Procedures


The use of Francis Marion University's telecommunications services, including office telephone , cellular telephone, and facsimile machine, is limited to official University business.  It is a violation of State law (Section 16-13-400) to abuse State telecommunications services.

Employees are to make no personal long distance telephone calls and charge them to Francis Marion University.  Brief non-business calls, when justifiable, must be made to a local telephone number or, if long distance, must be charged to the employee's home telephone number, be made to an 800 toll-free number, be charged to the party being called if it is a non-state government number, or be charged to a personal credit card (in accordance with Budget and Control Board Policy Notice, "Use of State Government Telephone Services," issued December 13, 1988).

As with telephone calls, employees are to make no personal fax transmissions and charge them to Francis Marion University in accordance with Budget and Control Board policy.   The facsimile machines located in various offices around campus are to be used for official business only.

Francis Marion University's personal fax service center is located in the Patriot Bookstore.  All fax transmissions of  a personal nature must be received at or sent from the Patriot Bookstore.  Faculty, staff, and students using this service will be charged as follows: $1.00 per page to receive fax transmissions, $1.50 per page to send local and regular long distance fax transmissions, and $2.00 per page to send international fax transmissions.

The Office of Telecommunications and Asset Management should be contacted at extension 1335  regarding any telecommunications equipment issues, problems, changes, or expansions.

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