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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration for Students


Registration is required for every vehicle driven on campus by students, faculty, and staff.  A decal purchased in the Fall is good for one academic year.  You must buy a new decal each Fall.  Students can obtain decals from the Cashier's Office, room 104, Stokes Administration Building.  A student who has an unregistered vehicle on campus is subject to traffic citations and fines. 

Students who are Housing Residents must have a white decal that displays a number and includes the letter "R".  Residents without the proper decal, displaying an "R," will be subject to traffic citations and fines if he/she parks in Resident Lots during night and early morning hours. 

Commuting students must have a blue decal that displays a number only.  A commuter who parks in a lot for "housing students only" will be subject to citations and fines. 

Students who change from resident to commuter status (or vice versa) must exchange their current decal for one that reflects their new status.  In order to obtain a free replacement decal, the old decal (or its pieces) must be returned to the Cashier's Office.  Failure to make the proper exchange will subject the student to traffic citations and fines. 

Parking permits are not transferable from one vehicle to another or from one person to another.  Giving someone else your decal could result in charges on your student account.  If a student changes vehicles during the period that the registration is valid, he/she must bring the decal (or its pieces) to the Cashier's Office for an exchange.  Failure to properly exchange the decal subjects the student to traffic citations and fines.

Visitors:  Visitors to the campus are not required to purchase permanent decals.  However, visitors are required to park in the spaces marked "Visitor".  Students, faculty, and staff who park in a visitor space are subject to traffic citations and fines.  Visitors who will be staying as guests in housing must obtain approval to park their vehicles in the areas marked for housing students only.  Approval can be obtained from Housing or Residence Life personnel.

Contact Information

Francis Marion University
Accounting/Cashier's Office
P.O. Box 100547
Florence, SC 29502-0547

Phone:  (843) 661-1120
Fax:  (843) 661-1198

E-mail:  accounting@fmarion.edu

The Cashier's Office/Accounting Office is located in the Stokes Administration Building room 104.
Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

*Summer hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 5:15pm.  *

*The office is closed on Fridays during the summer. *

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