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View assessments and comments completed by instructors
1.  Use Mozilla Firefox web browser to log in to LiveText at
2.  On the [Dashboard] tab, scroll down until you see the appropriate course and assignment.  The button that HAD BEEN yellow ("Awaiting Assessment") should now be GREEN and say "View Assessment."  Click on [View Assessment].
3.  When the next screen appears, you will see two tabs, [Grades/Comments] and [Assessment Rubrics].
4.  Click on [Grades/Comments] tab and you will see your grade and an overall comment if provided by your professor.
5.  Click on the [Assessments/Rubrics] tab and you will see the scoring rubric.  HOWEVER, TO SEE ALL THE INFORMATION FOR YOU HERE, YOU WILL NEED TO DO SOME ADDITIONAL STEPS.
        a.  Look for the row of down arrows at the left hand side of the light blue box.  Clicking on each down arrow will reveal a separate section of the rubric.
        b.  To see the rubric descriptions, click on the eyelid which says [show rubric descriptors].  The area shaded in dark blue represents the rating your professor gave to you on this element of the rubric.
        c.  Any comments your professor made to you about this element of the rubric will be printed at the bottom of this element of the rubric for you to see.
        d.  Once you have reviewed this section of the rubric, click the up arrow to hide this part of the rubric and click the next down arrow to reveal the next section of the rubric.

6.  Professors can also place comments within the text of your document in LiveText.  To view these comments, you may click on each  icon or click the [Show All] button to reveal all comments.
Last Published: January 2, 2008 2:31 PM
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