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Submit completed assignments for grading
  1. Use Mozilla Firefox web browser to log in to LiveText at
  1. If your screen does not display the “Dashboard,” click the [Dashboard] tab.
  1. Look for the correct course and the correct assignment which you want to submit.
  1. Click the [Submit Assignment] tab.
  1. A box will be displayed, “Choose existing LiveText document” with a [choose] button. Click on [Choose].
  1. A new window will be displayed showing “My Work.” Identify the document you wish to submit for grading and click in the box in front of the document. A checkmark should appear in the box.  (Note: if you do not see the assignment in “My Work”, use the drop down menu near the top of the window and select “All” to view all your documents.) 
  1. Click [Insert] at the top of this window. 
  1. Click the green [Submit Assignment] button.  

To verify your work has been submitted, click the [Dashboard] tab. If your work has been properly submitted, you will see a yellow button labeled [Awaiting Assessment].

Last Published: January 2, 2008 2:49 PM
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