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Future Students:



Create LiveText documents using a template


1.  1.  Use Mozilla Firefox web browser to log in to LiveText at  Type in your user name and password, then click the [Login] button.

2.  Locate the appropriate course and assignment you wish to complete.  (Click here for directions on how to locate your courses and assignments.) 

3.  Click on the name of the assignment to view the assignment details.

4.  Within the assignment details, look for the section labeled "Assignment Templates."  This section will contain two underlined links:  "View template" and "Use this template."  If you are ready to begin working on the assignment, click "Use this template."  

  When you have clicked on "Use this template," you will notice that you have moved from the "Dashboard" tab to the "Documents" tab and that the template has become a document you can complete. 
BE SURE TO CLICK ONLY ONCE ON THE "USE THIS TEMPLATE" LINK.  (Each time you click on "Use this template," a new blank template is created in your "Documents" tab.  Having more than one template with the same name for the same assignment will make it difficult for you to determine which template to submit to the instructor for gratding.)

5.  To begin work on the assignment, click the [Edit] button in any section of the document.  The typing screen will then appear and you may begin completing the assignment.

6.  While you are working on the assignment, click the [Save] button at the bottom about every three to five minutes.  This saves the work you've done so far in case your computer loses power.  Do NOT wait until the entire section or document is complete before clicking the [Save] button; you could lose your entire document during a power surge or computer malfunction and have to re-type the entire document.  LiveText can only restore documents to your computer which have been saved.

7.  Once you have completed this section of the document, click the [Save] button at the bottom, then click the [Finish] button at the top right hand corner of the screen.  The [Save] button saves your work and the [Finish] button tells the computer that you're through working on that section of the document.

Last Published: January 3, 2008 12:32 PM
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