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Inserting a graph into LiveText


 1.  Use Microsoft Excel to create your graph.

2.  Once the graph is complete, click to select the graph.

3.  With the graph selected in Excel, right click on [Copy] to copy the graph.

4.  You will need to start Microsoft Paint.  (Click [Start], [All Programs], highlight "Accessories," click [Paint].

5.  When the Paint program has started, click the word [Edit] in the program menu bar, click [Paste].  (NOTE:  Right clicking, then selecting paste will NOT work.)

6.  The chart should now be visible on the screen.  Look for the tiny blue dots at each corner of the WHITE space surrounding the chart.  Place your mouse cursor on ONE CORNER blue dot and re-size the white space to the size of the graph.   (You want to eliminate this extra white space as it makes the image larger.)

7.  On the program menu bar, click [File], then click [Save As].

8.  When the "Save As" window appears, type in the title of your graph AND in the "Save as type" box, select JPG.  Click [Save].

9.  You graph has now been saved to your specified location as a .jpg image and can now be attached to your LiveText document just like any other picture.  When you attach you graph "picture" in LiveText,  be sure to specify that the image appears ABOVE the text.

Last Published: April 4, 2008 11:14 AM
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