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SCMLR Volume 4

The South Carolina Modern Language Review

Volume 4, Number 1           Spring 2005


"Metamorphosis and Return in the Lays of Bisclavret and Melion " by Robyn A. Holman

"Vom jüdischen Geschichtsbewußtsein in Lion Feuchtwangers Jus Süß" by Birgit A. Jensen

"Imagen de la mujer en la obra poética de Fray Francisco del Castillo" by Félix S. Vásquez

"Fear, Anger, and Power: Women in Medieval German Literature" by Katya Skow

"'Seeking Glory in the Dunghills': Representations of the City in the Writings of Modern Arab Poets" by Yair Huri


"La Odisea del Doctor Knox" by Reyes E. Flores

"Cuesco de Durazno: A la memoria de mi padre" by Jorge Salvo

Copyright 2005 The South Carolina Modern Language Review and Francis Marion University Department of English, Modern Languages and Philosophy.  All rights reserved.


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