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SoE Degree and Non-Degree Status

 Degree and Non-Degree Status


  1. Students are accepted to graduate study in education as either graduate degree students or as graduate non-degree students. Graduate non-degree students do not seek a Master's degree at FMU but wish to take courses for professional growth, personal enrichment, certification, certification upgrade, or recertification. 
  1. Changing from non-degree to degree status: If the student later chooses to become an M.Ed./M.A.T degree seeker, a new application must be filed with the Graduate Office, indicating the program selected and following all admission requirements as delineated in this catalog. No more than 12 hours of coursework earned while in non-degree status can be applied to the Master's degree program chosen. The School of Education will determine whether any coursework taken is appropriate to apply to a degree program. Only those courses deemed appropriate will be applied to a Master's degree.


Last Published: September 11, 2012 3:54 PM
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