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District Teachers of the Year

Christie Baker

Lacinda Burrows

Perry Ford

Stacie H. Kirby

Gail S. Redding

Hope Barnhill

Linda C. Cagle

Marcia L. Freeman

Susan B. Love

Janice Richardson

Kimberly D. Barnhill

Murriel Calcutt

Gloria Frierson

Becky Lyell

Patricia M. Smith

Sherry Barnhill 

Rhetta T. Calcutt 

Nellie Gainey

Shelley W. Marsh

Betty Ann Souther

Lynette M. Barrineau 

 Scott Collins

Melonie Gordon

Barbara B. Maxwell

Michael Stokes

Connie Baxley

Lynda B. Cottingham

Michelle Greene

Portia McJunkin

Kathryn Stone

Jewell R. Benton 

Linda Dowling

Gail S. Hayes

Tracy G. Meetze

Cathy D. Swett

Jennifer Blankenship

V. Deloris Elliott

Debra Susan Hill

Kim Y. Myers

Ruth F. Taylor

Janey E. Brandis

Cheryl B. Floyd

Mary L. Hinson

Frederica Parrott

Melissa Timmons

Georgette Britt 

Dresden S. Floyd

Beth R. Hinson

Kathy Plowden

Katherene Tisdale

Ruth E. Brown

Merritt "Rhett" Floyd

Eva Johnson

Kim Poston

Susan G. Welch


Last Published: October 7, 2013 2:35 PM
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