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Courses and Areas of Concentration

The Courses


International Studies Program Courses.  For full course descriptions see the departmental listings in the FMU Catalog or at the department website. 

Area A. Introduction to International Studies

         GEOG 102, World Regional Geography
         POL 203, International Relations
         HIST 205, Introduction to World History

Area B. International Politics (no more than six hours in one discipline)

         GEOG 204, Political Geography
         HIST 307, History of the United States in World Affairs
         HIST 330, Europe and the World since 1945
         HIST 332, British Empire
         POL 203, International Relations
         POL 205, Comparative Government
         POL 314, United States Foreign Policy
         POL 315, Politics of War and Security

Area C. International Economics and Business

         ECON 325, International Economics
         ECON 340, Environmental and Natural Resources Economics
         ECON/HIST 300, Economic History of the United States
         ECON 397, Special Topics in Economics
         ECON 405, Development of Economic Thought
         GEOG 201, Economic Geography
         MKT 335, International Marketing
         MGT 357, International Management

Area D. Africa, Middle East, Asia

         GEOG 306, Subsaharan Africa
         GEOG 307, Middle East and North Africa
         HIST 341, Modern China
         HIST 342, Modern Japan
         POL 324, Asian Politics
         POL 325, African Politics
         POL 327, Middle Eastern Politics
         PRS 311, The Muslim Experience

Area E. Europe (no more than six hours in one discipline)

         GEOG 302, Geography of Europe
         HIST 308, Russia and Eastern Europe
         HIST 320, Modern Germany
         HIST 330, Europe and the World since 1945
         HIST 331, Modern British Isles
         POL 328, Soviet and Russian Politics
         POL 329, Western European Politics

Area F. Latin America  (no more than six hours in one discipline)

         GEOG 303, Geography of Latin America
         GEOG 305, Geography of Central America
         HIST 305, Empires and Nations in Latin America
         HIST 306, Latin America: Tradition and Change
         HIST 340, History of Modern Mexico
         POL 326, Latin American Politics

Area G. Elective Courses

         ARTH 390, Twentieth Century Art
         ARTH 400, Contemporary Art since 1980
         ENG 314, World Literature
         ENG 455, Advanced Study in International Literature
         FOREIGN LANGUAGE: 3-6 hours above 299 level
         GEOG 101, Cultural Geography
         HIST 309, Europe, 1814-1914
         HIST 324, Traditional East Asia
         HIST 329, Europe in the Era of the World Wars
         INTS 298-299, International Studies: Travel Seminars (3+3)

Students may earn 3 hours credit for each of two travel seminars conducted by FMU faculty or travel seminars conducted by faculty from other universities or colleges approved by the International Studies Committee. Students may also earn 3 hours credit (P/F) for INTS 299 by successful completion of a semester in an official FMU International Exchange Program. The three hours credit will count toward the major or minor, but will not be calculated in the student’s GPA.

         INTS 497, International Studies: Special Studies (3) (2) (1)

Individual research project under the guidance of a faculty member. Research projects must be approved by the International Studies Committee and are reviewed by three faculty members from two different disciplines. Open only to juniors and seniors with GPA of 3.0 or higher in their major courses. (May be used as a substitute for a required program course with the permission of the International Studies Committee. May be taken for credit [3 hours] towards the Honors degree by special arrangement.)

         MCOM 405, Foreign Reporting
         SOCI 419, Population and Society

INTS 400, International Studies: Senior Project (3 hours)

Each International Studies major is required to take this course. It includes examination of current issues in international relations and a major research project.

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