Future Students:


Deans and Department Chairs

College of Liberal Arts

Dean - Dr. Richard N. Chapman
Associate Dean - Prof. D. Keith Best

Department Chairperson
Biology Dr. Ann M. Stoeckmann
Chemistry Dr. Kenneth B. Williams
English, Modern Languages, & Philosophy Dr. Christopher D. Johnson
Fine Arts Prof. Larry P. Anderson
History Dr. Christopher M. Kennedy
Mass Communication Prof. Timothy L. Hanson
Mathematics Dr. Thomas L. Fitzkee
Nursing Dr. Ruth A. Wittmann-Price
Physics and Astronomy Dr. David M. Peterson
Political Science and Geography Dr. David R. White
Psychology Dr. William P. Wattles
Dr. Crystal R. Hill-Chapman, Associate Chair
Sociology Dr. Lisa A. Eargle


School of Business

Dean - Dr. M. Barry O' Brien

Faculty Assistant to the Dean - Dr. Charles G. Carpenter


School of Education

Dean - Dr. Shirley C. Bausmith

Associate Dean - Dr. Tracy E. Meetze



Dean - Mrs. Joyce M. Durant

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