luxembourg_webAt FMU you have the opportunity to study abroad for a few weeks, a semester or even a year!  We have eight exchange partner institutions in six countries, as well as various summer Language and Culture Programs and courses with exciting travel components. 

Honors students can serve as FMU Honors Ambassadors during spring break at one of our eight  sister schools. Last year, for instance, Honors Ambassadors visited Ireland;  this year's ambassadors are heading to England!

Also, we have just partnered with Coastal Carolina University to offer students the opportunity to attend both institutions' exchange programs.  See below for more information!

Please use the links below to find out more about the programs offered and how to apply.

GETTING STARTED: Information for FMU students about the selection process, deadlines, passport information, and an application form.

EXCHANGE PROGRAMS: FMU students can attend classes at a partner institution while paying FMU tuition and fees.

COASTAL CAROLINA UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIP: FMU students can travel to CCU exchange partners, get FMU credit and pay FMU tuition.   And vice versa!  

SUMMER / TRAVEL PROGRAMS: Short term programs and travel programs for FMU students. Students from Florence/Darlington Technical College are also welcome to apply to most Summer programs. These programs range from 1 to 3 weeks.

NON-FMU PROGRAMSA list of private providers that can help you arrange to study at schools not offered through FMU's exchange program. Interested FMU students should review their selection with a member of the International Studies Committee before committing any funds to the program.

ONCE ACCEPTED: Have you been selected? Great! Now there are just a few more things you must do.

RETURNING TO FMUBack on campus?  You have a few things to finish up.

FOR FACULTYWant to travel or take a group overseas? Perhaps your advisees have told you they want to study abroad? 

INCOMING EXCHANGE STUDENTS: Helpful information and contacts to coordinate your Application, Housing, Arrival, and Registration.

PROGRAM LIAISONS The International Studies Committee is composed of faculty and administration who select candidates for our programs, assist our incoming exchange students, and provide assistance to faculty in designing Travel Courses.

Last Published: February 1, 2012 2:15 PM
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