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James "Ed" Dooley Planetarium

More information can be found at http://astro.fmarion.edu/planet/

FMU Observatory

Located on the FMU campus by Gate 5, this observatory is equipped with a 14-inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescope. We also have 3 smaller 8.5-inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes. The Observatory will begin to hold regular open hours, check back for dates and times.

For more information about the Observatory visit http://astro.fmarion.edu/observe/

Nuclear Physics Laboratory

This lab contains the radiation detection equipment and sources used in the upper-level health physics courses.

Laser Physics Laboratory

The Laser Physics Laboratory is used to perform spectroscopy of atomic and molecular systems.  The centerpiece of this laboratory is a Continuum Surelite Nd:YAG laser that produces 10 nansecond light pulses of 532 nanometer light at peak powers of 45 megawatts.  Undergraduates use this facility for measuring the speed of light, investigating the properties of lasers, and performing experimental research in laser spectroscopy.

Physical Science Laboratory

Undergraduate Physics Laboratory

Computational Physics Laboratory

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