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Information for FMU Faculty

FMU faculty interested in arranging a Travel Course--that is, a travel component for a course they will be teaching--should visit the link to the right to review a few do's and don'ts, and then fill out a Travel Study Course Proposal form and return it to the Coordinator of International Studies for approval by the International Studies Committee. 

Faculty advisors with students who have expressed an interest in travelling abroad will want to read the following and encourage the student to visit the Coordinator of International Studies or the particular liaison/faculty sponsor.


Overview of the Exchange Programs

FMU's Exchange Programs are an easy way for students to spend a semester abroad and earn credit toward graduation without necessarily spending more had they stayed at FMU.   If a student receives Financial Aid, most of that aid package will apply to an Exchange experience.  Note that only students who have completed at least 30 semester hours with a gpa of at least 2.7 may apply for the Exchange Program.

Some of our Exchange Programs are intended for students with particular majors or needs:

CANADA (University of Northern British Columbia):  Open to most majors except those in the Professional Programs (e.g., Nursing, Education or Business).

ENGLAND (DeMontfort University): Students in English and Mass Communications can take more advanced courses. Others can take courses in the Journalism, Film Studies or an array of  Humanities courses.  Per English traditon, students typically (though not always) write papers rather than sit for an exam.


ESCEM: JUNIORS AND SENIORS ONLY!  Students must have taken a full year of Business courses before applying and be accepted by School of Business Programs as majors (or minors).  French language skills are not necessary, but helpful.   

CAEN:  French Language School. Students should be taking classes in the French, though need not be French majors.   

France requires a visa for all students. Once students have received acceptance letters from the Host Institution they must apply to Campus France (http://usa.campusfrance.org/en/1.html). When they receive their letter from Campus France they must make an appointment with the Embassy in Atlanta to procure a visa.

IRELAND:  a wide array of courses in liberal arts and sciences, open to most majors. 

GERMANY:  Because of the German academic calendar, we typically send students only during the spring or summer. Students wishing to study in Germany during the fall should consider applying for a full year. 

TRIER: German language skills highly recommended as almost all classes are taught in German--although there is a Canadian Studies program offered through Trier's English Department that offers some courses in English.  Such a course may count toward a student's literature elective or English major at FMU.

SCHMALKALDEN: Courses in the Business School are taught in English. The Spring semester starts about March 21 and exams begin in July.

MEXICO:  intended for students studying Spanish language and Mexican culture.  Note that owing to US Department of State travel advisories, FMU's exchange program in Mexico has been temporarily suspended. 



There are several reputable and established private organizations offering students foreign exchange opportunities.  Some of these are listed under "Non-FMU Programs" in the column to your left.  Note that a faculty advisor can neither approve nor disapprove such an exchange, but may counsel the student about ensuring transfer credit, safety and health insurance.  The Coordinator of International Studies (Jon Tuttle, FH 146) will be happy to speak with both you and your advisee about any of these issues.  


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