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Faculty & Staff

Current Faculty

Assistant Professor
Colonial America, U.S. Economic Read More
Professor and University Provost
U.S. Political and Economic Read More
U.S. Diplomatic, U.S. Military Read More
East Asia, World Read More
Administrative Assistant
Associate Professor
19th-Century U.S., Civil War Read More
Associate Professor
European Read More
Professor and Department Chair
European, Modern Great Britain and Ireland Read More
Associate Professor
U.S. South, African-American, Africa Read More

Emeriti Faculty

Dr. John Britton, Ph.D.: Latin America, World.

Dr. Theodore W. Cart, Ph.D.:  Colonial America, American Revolution, U.S. Economic, America in the Gilded Age, Conservation

Dr. E. Lorraine de Montluzin, Ph.D.18th- and 19th-Century Great Britain, Medieval Europe. FMU Distinguished Professor

Dr. Johannes R. Lischka, Ph.D.:  Science and Technology, Ancient History, Medieval Europe. Former Chair, Department of History

Dr. Duayne P. Myers, Ph.D.20th-Century Europe, Germany, Soviet Union/Russia, Eastern Europe. Former Coordinator, FMU International Studies Program. Former Director, FMU Honors Program. FMU Distinguished Professor

Dr. Larry Nelson, Ph.D.: 19th-Century U.S., American West. Former Chair, Department of History. FMU Distinguished Professor

Dr. Joseph T. Stukes, Ph.D.:  19th-Century U.S., 19th-Century Europe. Former Chair, Department of History. FMU Distinguished Professor

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