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List of Faculty

Dr. John Britton, Ph.D.: Latin America, World.

Dr. Theodore W. Cart, Ph.D.:  Colonial America, American Revolution, U.S. Economic, America in the Gilded Age, Conservation

Dr. Richard Chapman, Ph.D.: U.S. Economic

Dr. E. Lorraine de Montluzin, Ph.D.18th- and 19th-Century Great Britain, Medieval Europe. FMU Distinguished Professor

Dr. Johannes R. Lischka, Ph.D.:  Science and Technology, Ancient History, Medieval Europe. Former Chair, Department of History

Dr. Duayne P. Myers, Ph.D.20th-Century Europe, Germany, Soviet Union/Russia, Eastern Europe. Former Coordinator, FMU International Studies Program. Former Director, FMU Honors Program. FMU Distinguished Professor

Dr. Larry Nelson, Ph.D.: 19th-Century U.S., American West. Former Chair, Department of History. FMU Distinguished Professor

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