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Dr. Christopher Kennedy, Ph.D.

(University College Cork, National University of Ireland)

  Office Location: FH 205
Voice Mail: (843) 661-1557
Fax: (843) 661-1155
E-mail: ckennedy@fmarion.edu

Dr. Kennedy joined the FMU faculty in 2006. He has presented papers both nationally and internationally, including at Saint Patrick's College and the Marino Institute in Ireland, and the New England Historical Association. Additionally, he has published a number of book reviews for the journal Providence: Studies in Western Civilization as well as a book, Genesis of the Rising 1912-1916: A Transformation of Nationalist Opinion (Peter Lang, 2009). His main research interests are in early modern and modern Irish history as well as the history of the British empire. When not teaching, Dr. Kennedy enjoys traveling, camping, fishing, hiking, biking, and spending time with his family.

Courses taught
European History to the French Revolution, European History since the French Revolution, Medieval Europe, The British Empire, Modern British Isles, Europe 1814-1914, Senior Thesis.

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