Future Students:


Incoming Exchange Students

The First Week

Once you have arrived on campus you'll have a little more business to attend to.  You will be required to attend two Orientation Sessions--one for Exchange Students, the other for all International Students including athletes--typically held on the Monday before classes start.  We'll let you know the specific time and place once you've arrived.  The Orientation Sessions typically includes the following:

Discuss FMU's campus and environs

Attend to scheduling/advising

Go to Rogers Library to get FMU ID Card

Verificy Passport/Insurance/Health forms, etc.

Complete housing contracts and pay housing.



Before you arrive at FMU we will send the current course schedule to you or your International Studies Coordinator. You may then review the courses available to you and, with the guidance of your advisor, choose the four or five courses you wish to take.  You should also indicate several alternates in case the courses you've chosen are closed.

Some students, depending on the requirements of their home institution and the progress they've made toward their degrees, are required to take only courses at the 300 or 400 level.   Typically, FMU is a able to accommodate such students, provided the students are able to perform at the upper-division level. 

During the first week of class, it is possible to drop or change courses, with the permission of your home institution and the assistance of your advisor and/or the Coordinator of International Studies at FMU.   Such changes must be confirmed in the FMU Cashier's office, and--again--approved by your home institution. 


Last Published: September 14, 2011 10:45 AM
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