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Industrial Engineering

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering degree program will begin at FMU in January 2014. This program begins following extensive internal study and at the request of the Pee Dee area businesses. It is governed by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at FMU. Graduates of this program will complete a 122-credit hour course of study that include instruction in physics, high-level mathematics, business, and engineering. The program also features a partnership agreement with Florence-Darlington Technical College that will allow students access to the manufacturing laboratory facilities housed at FDTC's Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing Technology (www.simt.com).

For more information about the Industrial Engineering program please visit our website at: http://swampfox.fmarion.edu/engineering and download this brochure.


Industrial Engineering Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering requires a minimum of 122 hours at Francis Marion University which includes both the Engineering curriculum and the University's General Education requirements.

Sample undergraduate courses include - English, Math, Foreign Language, History, Psychology and the Arts.

Courses required for the Industrial Engineering major are:

  • ENGR 101 - Introduction to Industrial Engineering
  • ENGR 201 - Engineering Graphics (CAD)
  • ENGR 220 - Materials Engineering
  • ENGR 301 - Engineering Mechanics
  • ENGR 310 - Electronics and Instrumentation
  • ENGR 320 - Workplace Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • ENGR 330 - Engineering Economy
  • ENGR 350 - Manufacturing Processes
  • ENGR 355 - Production and Operations Management
  • ENGR 356 - Quality Control
  • ENGR 373 - Operations Research
  • ENGR 420 - Human Factors Engineering
  • ENGR 467 - Supply Chain Design
  • ENGR 468 - Production Planning
  • ENGR 470 - Facility Design
  • ENGR 480 - Senior Design

Opportunities for students include learning experiences through Senior Projects and Internships with local industries. In addition, scholarship opportunities for Industrial Engineering students will be available.


Application Process

Prospective students will follow the normal admission policy set by the University. Once enrolled at FMU, students will be classified as an Industrial Engineering major, but must make a formal application to the Industrial Engineering program as a prerequisite for enrollment in ENGR 220 and ENGR 355, as well as those courses that require ENGR 220 and ENGR 355 as prerequisites.

Application to the Industrial Engineering program will require the following:

1. Successful completion of the following courses:

Physics 200, 201 and 202; Mathematics 201 and 202; and Engineering 101, 201 and 301. The grades earned in these courses must average at least a 2.0 GPA.

2. Earned credit in a minimum of 40 undergraduate credit house with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.


To apply to the University, click here


For more details on the application process, contact:

Dr. David Peterson, Chair, Department of Physics & Astronomy

843-661-1455 | dpeterson@fmarion.edu


Dr. Lorna Cintron-Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering

843-661-1463 | lcintrongonzalez@fmarion.edu



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