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Getting Started

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Here's how to apply to an Exchange Program, Summer Program or Travel Course.  

STEP 0: YOU MUST HAVE A PASSPORT!  See the link in the right margin for information about obtaining or renewing a passport;

STEP 1: Finding the right program.  Each program is different, and some may not be available to you because of your major/minor. Review the FMU Exchange Programs and the Summer / Travel Programs--or begin a search for a non-FMU program. As you are searching, write down any questions you have and bring them to the program liaison or International Studies Coordinator. To learn more about the countries to which you can apply or what to expect from your coursework, visit FMU's libquides at http://libguides.fmarion.edu/content.php?pid=258437&sid=2132914

STEP 2: Speak to a program liaison, faculty sponsor, or the International Studies Coordinator.  You may also want to speak with your particular Academic Adivsor about the programs you've found and determine which year (or semester) may work best for you.

STEP 3: Can you afford it?  For exchange programs you will be paying FMU tuition and fees.  Students receiving financial aid can use part of their aid package to cover the costs of housing, meals and other expenditures at the host institution.   If you receive a Pell Grant you could be eligible for the Gilman International Scholarship Program.  If you are applying to a Non-FMU program, you will be responsible for paying the program fees and airfare. Be sure to stop by the Financial Aid office to discuss your options.  You may have more than you realize.

STEP 4: Begin the application process. See the link in the right margin for applications to Exchange Programs and Summer Culture Programs.   If you are interested in a Travel Course--that is, a particular course with a travel component--ask the faculty sponsor for  that application. For non-FMU programs, follow the application procedures and be sure to verify very early in the process that credits earned at your host institution will transfer to FMU.

STEP 5: Turn in your application.  FMU Exchange applications go to the Program Liaison or to the Coordinator of International Studies.  Summer Language and Culture applications go to the Coordinator of International Studies.  Travel Course applications go to the faculty sponsor.


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